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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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Agents of Light

March, 2007


Welcome to the Agents of Light newsletter.  The purpose of our monthly newsletter is to establish contact and support for Lightworkers and their families, as they in turn access healing Light energy for themselves, Mother Earth and all other life on this planet.  There are hundreds of practical uses for Light energy, and it can serve us and our children in any manner we can conceive, while also helping raise the Earth's vibration.  Our goal is to help create a critical mass of higher frequency energy that will raise the planet's vibration and lead us all into the New Age.

In this issue, Prime Source speaks about "Peace on Earth," and shares his thoughts about removing Com fort Zone programming and the Bad Seed, and healing the  consciousness. We also have exciting news with the Nether Worlds project, new activations to enhance spiritual growth, an update on the increasing rise in personal frequencies, a new discovery of the highest frequency music on the planet, and the miracle at the Academy Awards this year.
In love and Light,

Bryan James

A Message from Prime Source - "Peace on Earth"

Hello my children.  You have waited so long for this.  There will soon be a breakthrough in world peace.  Even now, we are seeing the energy shifting and peace breaking out throughout the planet.  We are at peace.

This change has occurred by increasing the Light within all life everywhere. Through this Light, I can live my life through you.  You then can become like me.  By being this Light, the world can live in peace.  Continue to grow in your Light.  Spread your Light throughout all my creation. Live your lives as I would.  Live your lives through me. 

Nether Worlds Celebrates as Many Return Home

After six months of around-the-clock service from so many throughout  all creation (including Divine Mother and Father, God), we're finally beginning to send home many of the 50 million 'lost' souls that were trapped and asleep in the lower dimensions.  As of March 30, we have now been able to escort over 114,000 back to their homes in the astral planes. 

The exodus started slowly, with 10 leaving on March 18, four the following day, and five on the 20th.  But since then, it's started to pick up rapidly, as many thousands are leaving every day.  Hopefully, this trend will continue and even increase exponentially.

Souls sent home
March 18 - 10
March 19 - 4
March 20 - 5
March 21 - 20
March 22 - 200
March 23 - 150
March 24 - 2,008
March 25 - 8,019
March 26 - 19,949
March 27 - 19,244
March 28 - 25,404
March 29 - 19,434
March 30
- 19,948

As can be expected, March 18th was a special day for celebration and thanksgiving.  To honor the moment, Prime Source had a few words to share with the 10 honorees, and the many serving from all creation:
It's with great honor and happiness that I'm here tonight to celebrate the lovely souls that are leaving to go back to their homes.  So much work has gone into th is effort from so many through out my creation.  We are extremely joyful that we finally came to this moment where they could leave. 

We have many more to look after.  Many more universes have similar conditions.  I would like us to start reclamation projects there as well.  Thank you to all who have served here.  I know you love them as much as I do.  Because we are one.
Many of these souls have been trapped in the Nether Worlds for thousands of years, causing a huge drain on the Earth's vibration.  Within the next few years, similar efforts will also begin in other universes, although this project is by far the largest.  Over the past six months, Light Beings from all 780 universes have been pouring Light into this area and volunteering their support in various ways, includi ng over 11,000 from planet Earth.  As of March 28, the souls have progressed as follows:

Statistical update as of March 30, 2007

100% have shown some movement
100% have opened their eyes and regained consciousness
91% are now walking around (most with support from others)
46% are getting around without assistance
79% are asking questions trying to determine who and where they are. 
36% have regained enough cognitive ability to attend schools that Divine Mother has set up throughout the Nether Worlds. 

More volunteers are still needed to help staff these schools, or provide comfort for those not yet functioning well!  I need to remind everyone that Divine Mother is asking for your help too!  Besides the Light, love, and prayers that many are contributing, she'd like us to volunteer to help at night during our dream state.  She's requesting that we come, regardl ess of our skills and experience, to hold them, read to them or even just call their name while they're sleeping.  Anything you do can make a huge difference. 

The entire Nether Worlds area (approximately 50 square miles) is also undergoing quite a beautification, as beautiful grasses, plants and flowers, along with trees, streams, waterfalls were manifested to help with the healing process.  Birds and animals were also added to help comfort the souls as were around-the-clock angelic choirs and orchestras.   Approximately three billion crystals of different shapes, sizes and types were also added to further magnify the tremendous Light energy that's been flooding this area.  The Holy Ones are also open to any suggestions for further improving this effort. 

We're also providing a free offer to anyone who participates.  This is how you can help:

1. Before you go to sleep, ask to be taken to the Nether Worlds while in your dream state.
2. Work alongside the holy angels and Light Beings, as well as volunteers from all 780 universes, to support the revival and reclamation of these souls.
3. Tell us how many nights you served via email at:
4. You'll receive one Frequency Acceleration Activation for every night you serve (normal cost - $24.99).

Many have written to share what a wonderful experience this has been for them.  With your continued support, alongside so many of the Holy Ones and beings throughout creation, we can return each and every one of these souls to their loved ones.  Please do what you can to help.  Undoubtedly, this will prove to be one of the most rewarding things that we've ever done for humanity.  If you have any questions about this effort, you can email me at the add ress above.

New Activations to Enhance Spiritual Growth

Several new special activation programs are now available for those seeking to expand their personal frequency and enhance their spiritual growth.  These include deletion of the Comfort Zone programming, removal of the "Bad Seed," and healing of the total consciousness.

Comfort Zone Programming
Most people have received this program, which was designed to slow us down by keeping us 'in the box,' so to speak.  The average Comfort Zone is 1% on a scale of 0 to 100, and I have seen as high as 3% in those who have the programming. 

Interestingly, there have been some who have never received this programming, such as famous industrialists Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, J.P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller.  Scientists Nickola Tesla and Albert Einstein also never re ceived it.  In modern times, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking are three rare individuals free of this programming. 
The Following is a message from Prime Source concerning the Comfort Zone:
My dear children, I would like to speak to you today about getting out of your Comfort Zones.  The Comfort Zone is another program that was insidiously placed within your DNA to hold you back and keep you from achieving your ascension.  This occurred during the time of Mu, and was placed there by the Anunnaki. 

The program sends you "danger" impulses whenever you venture into any activity that would increase your vibration, reveal truth or prepare souls for ascension.  You were not meant to have these restrictions.   

You must choose to have this removed to achieve your full potential.
Removing this programming would expand your 'zone' to 100%, and free you up to better pursue your spiritual mission. 

The Bad Seed
This explains why some choose the Dark side, as certain key characters (like Anakin Skywalker who became Darth Vader) did in the Star Wars movies.  It can deceive us into making poor choices on 'spiritual' matters, which then triggers a virus that corrupts our consciousness.  It's activated automatically when the level of darkness surpasses the level of Light (51% in humans and 10% in spirit beings).  Once it's activated, it can't be stopped by any means and that incarnation can not be rehabilitated. 

I thought it was interesting that Darth Vader had only gotten to 49% dark, which was why he was still able to be redeemed at the end of Return of the Jedi. Emperor Palpatine was 100% dark by then, but was only 45% dark when he was trying to seduce young Anakin in Revenge of the Sith.  After he succeeded, he went past the point of no return at 55%, and spiraled downwards from there.    

This is what Prime Source revealed about the Bad Seed:
I want to speak to you now about another aspect that we need to resolve before we can defeat the Dark. This concerns the component I call "the bad seed."  This seed was placed at conception by those wanting to control you. 

The 'Bad Seed' is a Y chromosome that was placed in your DNA by the Dark.  Through this means, you can sabotage yourself from achieving your ascension. Very few people would lose their way under most circumstances, were it not for the severe conditions this creates. 

The Bad Seed causes some to choose the Dark. It works by clouding the soul's judgment.  This occurs as souls have spiritual decisions to make.  This Seed causes a virus that spreads to the subconscious, and then to every level of consciousness.  Once it's activated, it can't be stopped by any means known to us. 

The Seed becomes activated when you choose to live your life contrary to mine.  Your lives are meant to be manifestations of me.  My purpose was never to create a duel path, which has caused many to lose their inheritance. 

Be a Light.  Love unconditionally.  Send your Light and Love through out my c reation.
Removing the Bad Seed will provide a significant boost to your personal frequency, as well as ensure that your present incarnation will never be lost to the Dark side. 

Total Consciousness Healing

Throughout your many lifetimes, your subconscious mind stores up every negative thought, word and deed that you experience.  These are damaging to all levels of your consciousness, and become blocks that get in the way of your spiritual growth.

Prime Source had this to say about healing the consciousness:
Negative emotions lead to lower frequencies.  Thoughts, words and deeds that focus on fear, anger and doubt, create foreign cells.  The cells damage your body and your mind.  These problems should be avoided at all costs.

Within your cell structure, we have locked in a series of steps for your benefit.  These are programmed within your DNA.  When you attract negative energies, the impact is damaging to your being, and will cause blocks through out your consciousness.  

This can only be resolved by 'walking with Light.' And only by choosing what to say, think and do as I would choose. 
Healing your total consciousness will increase your frequency by at least 100%, and will remove these negative energies forever, allowing you to live free of all fear, anger and doubt.  After the activation, you must maintain a frequency of 1,000 or more to ensure your consciousness is free of negative energies.

(Prime Source's messages channeled by Bryan James)

Lightworker Frequencies Trending Upward

Last month I mentioned the excellent results we have been getting increasing frequencies of  people all over the world with our Chakra Expansion/Frequency Acceleration program.  Over this past month, we have had numerous others soaring higher and higher, and in so doing, lifting the average frequency of the planet to new heights. 

Besides our work with Chakra Expansion/Frequency Acceleration, we've also found great success by removing people's ego programming, various other negative programming (usually comes in sets of 1,000), implants and other control devices (resembles the Borg from Star Trek, and in a few cases like Darth Vader), the Bad Seed and negative energies stored deep in the consciousness.

On a daily basis, many have learned to increase their frequencies by practicing Extreme Lightwork or using t heir Divine Template.  A person with a frequency of one million can increase it by 1,000 every time they use the template with an affirmation, while someone with a frequency of one billion would go up 1,500 points.  Those using the Lightwork training can double their frequency every day, and some increase much higher than that.

Some have asked me how this is possible, and I tell them that their etheric teachers are supporting their growth through this technology.  Not everyone gets the exact same results, as it's also affected by what a person has earned prior to this incarnation, karma and a person's mission.

The only reason we go through this is to support the effort to lead the planet and all of creation to ascension.  In a person doesn't use their frequency toward this purpose, they'll either plateau or even lose what they have gained, as there needs to be a steady flow of Light energy. 

S ome Results: (Before) and After
Andrea K. - (350) 500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
Rob B. - (340) 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
Eilis P. - (500) 900,000,000,000,000,000,000
Ron H. - (480) 800,000,000,000,000,000,000
Joanne E. - (350) 100,000,000,000,000,000,000
Greg N. - (710) 500,000,000,000,000,000
Sue Z. - (350) 100,000,000,000,000,000
Barbara H. - (350) 10,000,000,000,000,000
D.V. - (1,000) 900,000,000,000,000
Nancy T - (800) 900,000,000,000,000
Barbara M. - (700) 900,000,000,000,000
Sylvia L. - (450) 900,000,000,000,000
Estella R. - (330) 900,000,000,000,000
T. G. - (750) 400,000,000,000,000
Philip B. - (350) 100,000,000,000,000
M. R. (390) 900,000,000,000
Pamela G. (380) 500,000,000,000
Mona K. - (400) 200,000,000,000
Kire K. - (250) 100,000,000,000
N. S. - (250) 100,000,000,000
Susan S. - (350) 90,000,00 0,000
Shelly K. - (200) 10,000,000,000
Andreas O. - (2,500) 5,000,000,000
Carol S. - (460) 2,000,000,000
Karen F. - (300) 100,000,000
N. B. - (190) 100,000,000
Linda T. - (450) 24,000,000
Phyllis H. - (1,000) 10,000,000
T. B. - (349) 2,500,000
Patricia S. - (395) 2,000,000

Why it's important to increase our spiritual frequency

1.  The Holy Ones and beings from all dimensions know who we are immediately because we shine like a lighthouse on a dark, stormy night.  They then look to support us in our spiritual work for the planet.  And as our frequency increases, more come to help us (even fairies, devas, flowers, trees, animals, dolphins, etc.).

2.  The higher frequency helps us to overcome the pulls of the lower energies much easier than before.  Overcoming isn't as big of a struggle, as Paul used to call it, "warring against the flesh ."

3.  It enhances our other spiritual work, whatever that may be, commensurate with our frequency.

4.  It 'calibrates' our blueprint to be able to assimilate and utilize more advanced spiritual tools, such as the current seven Divine Templates.  There are many more of these that we can offer people once they get their frequencies higher (which several are doing!).

5.  For those taking part in the Extreme Lightwork training, it qualifies us to claim a higher level of 'Dominion' over the Earth, Solar System, Galaxy and Universe.

6.  The higher our frequencies are, the easier it is for the Holy Ones to communicate with us, and provide us clear instructions.

7.  It helps prepare us for new and greater spiritual opportunity and service.

High Frequency Music to Help Enhance Your Environment

I was recently very pleased to discover the highest frequency music that I have ever heard through a spiritual recording artist from Germany, named Ronald Hoth.  As I listened to his music, I was very surprised and interested that each song had a very high frequency. 

Two of his songs that I listened to (Father's Son and Party in Heaven) had a frequency of 100,000.  Two more were at 10,000 (Eternal Love and So many souls).  Every other one I listened to was at least 1,000.  This is in contrast to other music I really enjoy, such as Enya, Robert Guss and Kitaro (all 300), Cecilia (400), and Snatam Kaur (500).  Another popular artist, James Twyman, also produces at 300 during his peace concerts.   
When I asked my Federation contacts about this, I was told that this is the highest frequency music in our world, as well as our solar system and galaxy.  They a lso mentioned that there's only one person in our universe, and six others throughout all creation  who create a higher music frequency (some of the angels can get as high and one other high level spirit being can produce at 1,000,000). However, I'm also told that Ronald has the potential to create music that reaches 100,000,000, and may do so within a year.

I highly recommend that everyone check out his website and purchase his music.  Playing Ronald's music in your environment will most certainly help raise the frequency and create an uplifting atmosphere for your home or workplace.  You can access Ronald's website at  

Divine Intervention at the Academy Awards

If you missed the Academy Awards on February 25th, you missed a miracle of divine intervention, as more than one bi llion people around the world were treated to the highest frequency broadcast ever produced on our planet. 

With so much at stake on the planet, the Federation wanted to make sure that Al Gore's message about our environmental crisis got an added boost.  With many watching around the world, the Federation poured enough Light energy into the program to raise the frequency to 1,000.  In years past, the Academy Awards production averaged only about 180, so you can imagine the impact this must have had on viewers around the world. 

While 'experts' and stakeholders debate the true magnitude of this crisis, and the opposition actively tries to discredit Gore to derail the environmental movement, the Federation tells me that the situation is even worse (by 10%) than even Gore realizes.  Please put your Light, prayers, affirmations and energies behind moving this effort forward.    

< b>What's New with Circle of Lights

We are happy to report that people from at least 115 different countries are accessing our message about the Light and they have downloaded over 11,500 articles from our site.  Our goal is to share knowledge of the Light energies with as many people as possible in order to help make a difference for the planet.

We're offering training for those interested in learning Extreme Lightwork, which will allow participants to greatly impact the planet and grow their frequencies exponentially.  Other services we're now providing include Bad Seed Removal, Comfort Zone Removal, Ego Program Removal, Implant/Matrix-type Gear Removal, Negative Programs Removal, and Past Life Interventions.

Questions/Comments from Readers

Topic - New Discovery for the Planet
Bryan, THANK are amazing...and I SHARE WITH YOU DEVOTION to our MISSION - you made it fun, exciting, and you are so clear and filled with light. Huge Blessings to you and your forward momentum and as soon as I can take a breath...we will proceed.  TO LOVE AND GRACE in all things. - Sue S.

WOW!!! Thank you Bryan! Thank Heavenly Father God, Thank Holy Mother God, and Thank Creator God. I am so Happy at these results. The late night sessions have been effective. I feel so confident about your programs and techniques. I just get such a calm and comfortable feeling when contemplating and experiencing the Circle of Lights programs. Thank you, again. Bryan. - Barbara H.

Dear Bryan, thank you so much for the chakra expansion and frequency acceleration you did for me. The energy was and is still amazing. And it's just beginning. I hope you and Kevin enjoyed my story as much as I did. You hit the nail on the head... because thi s is my subject right now - how to be an advanced Lightworker.  Bryan, once again thanks to you and Kevin for all you did. This is/was one of greatest experiences I had - if not the greatest. I'll be back for more. Lots of light and love, Mona L.

Hi Bryan, wow this was totally amazing.  I feel so blessed to have been given all of these gifts, thank you for all that you do for me and creation! - Estella R.

Hi Brian, I send you much thanks from my heart for your work! - Ronald H.

Good Morning Bryan - Just wanted to say THANK YOU again for all the wonderful work that you are doing for me and all the universe.  I am getting more stronger in my Lightwork and my flame is vibrating through out the universe.  I love myself more and more everyday.  Thank You for all that you do for all of us Army Light Workers!  Our missions are successful, I feel it more and more every morning when I wake, I feel worthy o f all that there is and KNOW that I am ONE with ALL!  Love and Light to you and YOUR FAMILY!  Linda  P.S. I am almost ready for the EXTREME LIGHT WORK CLASS!  Yahooooooo!

Hi Bryan, WOW AWESOME! No wonder I don't feel so easily drained lately. Thanks so much again. OK! I look forward to the next program! GOD bless YOU - Dolf C.

Hello Bryan, Hello Kevin, Thanks a lot for the magnificent work to both of You and the light realms. It felt like being connected to on an amplifying device and someone increased the vibration over and over again. Up to now my whole being in any dimensions feels like vibrating and humming. I feel very good. - Andreas O.

THANK YOU.  Wow, Your session notes were almost exactly what I dreamed last night!!!! In my dream we were in cars, not spaceships, but almost verbatim to your notes. Thanks for that, I was kind of perplexed as it was not like my Nether world dreams at all. So you just clarified what that was all about. Toooooooooooo Coooooooool, and yet so hot!  I'm so excited about all this...finally making some headway, so to speak.  I am thoroughly enjoying working with my chakra expansion and Divine Template . . . still getting used to it, but I feel tremendous. A zillion thanks to Kevin too. Huge Love and Huge Light - Carol S. 

Hello Bryan! Many thanks for all the work you and Kevin did last night with and for me. - Nancy T.

Hello Bryan, I wish to say thank you so much for helping me with one of your LIGHT PROGRAM. Today when I meditate, most of my chakras light up immediately and my physical body is transformed immediately into light and vibrates at a very high frequency. I look forward to working with the other PROGRAMS in the future. These days, I am so excited to get into meditation and most of them are very consistent and instantaneous. Thank you so much. - D. Cheng

Hi Bryan, thank you very much for the work you and Kevin have done for me today. Thanks for your assistance. Warmest regards, Sylvia L.

I wanted to thank you so much for your work.  I will keep you up to date as time goes by with how things are going.  Love, Eilis

Hi Brian, We are sending love for you and your family . . . and much thanks for your well done work! - R. H.
Hello Bryan, did some advertising on your excellent work and service when talking to my friends. Thanks again. - Andreas O.

God Bless You Bryan. You are working miracles! - B. H.

Hi Bryan, I just purchased the Chakra expansion; thrilled about the whole thing. So grateful for all the work you do . . . another tremendous newsletter, by the way.  Enormous thanks - C. S.

Topic - Nether Worlds
Hi Bryan, I am so excited about the ten souls who went home that I am at a loss for words!  Love and light, Sue
Good day, Bryan.  I have asked to be taken to the Nether Worlds 8 times.  I don't remember any of the experiences.  What do you think? Thanks for all the wonderful work that you and your family do.  Kind Regards - Liz S.

Thank you Bryan for all you can do.  Blessings to you and may the Creator keep you safe.  - Angie

I am feeling so much better.  Thanks for the healing energy.  I am trying to make connects at night to help in the nether world.  I request to go and help out when I go to sleep at night.  Your story and website are very interesting.  Looking forward to making connections soon on upgrades.  - Linda G.

I set my consciousness for the Nether Worlds as I am going to sleep.  I have been doing this for several weeks as you suggested, to be of service as God directs. I don't remember where I have been when I awaken, but it feels good, like I have been somewhere important.  If people all over the universe would do this it would keep them from wandering off into frightful circumstances and people. It could be almost like a life-saver; as a preventive.  I love your organization. - Dr. Davis

Bryan, I am committing to do service every night in my Soul Body at least for some portion. Therefore, could we set up an automatic Frequency acceleration account with me so each day I get an increase as I will be serving every night? You could just include me everyday in your accelerations you do each day or as often as you do them. Thanks Bryan. - Joseph N.

I love being part of what you are doing. I would like to continue. I have been working with you for about six weeks and wish to continue. Thanks for the upliftment of what you are doing for me in return. And thanks so very much for your prayers for my Son. What a wonderment you and your beautiful family are to our world and a ll worlds.   Love and Light, Audrey D.

Thanks a lot - I'm grateful for your service for the light - A. O.

Topic - Genesh and the Crystal Iridescent Fire

I would like to share with you the amazing sensation I feel in my being each time I call on Genesh. I can feel the crystal energy go through my body as it is directed. First, I feel the energy around upper chest and head, and later it goes down to my solar plexus, and then a lightness fills me. It is so interesting and wonderful. I am in awe, and so thankful! - Phyllis H.

Topic - Extreme Lightwork Class
Hi Bryan, I enjoy all your newsletters, they are just so fabulous. I wanted to let you know I still intend to do the Extreme Lightwork class and hopefully it will be very soon now.  As soon as I can I will get back to you. Looking forward to it. Blessings to you and your family. - Beverley A.

Dear Bryan: How are y ou? Thanks for your light and help. I would like to ask you whether you have any plan to come to China to meet some of the light workers this year, Because of We as some of the light workers have arranged a meeting in this year, and we are inviting you to join us if it is possible. Best Regards - Ken T.

Topic - Healing
Dear Bryan, I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and generosity in giving me the activations and removing the block in my prosperity: Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart - words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation.  God bless you too. Love - Farida M.

Thank you Bryan! I can feel it already! Thank you! - J. Norton

Dear Bryan, I want to thank you for the comfort energy you gave for today. It was an emotional day but I could do my speech due to the knowledge of support from different levels. How strange it was on the moment I had to do this speech I was in silen ce and balance!  I thank you for that! - Ted

Hi Bryan, thank you, thank you!!!   I don't know when you did this for me, but talking with a friend earlier, I felt freer. The voice inside me that usually keep me in check is no longer there. I am so happy Bryan. Thank again, and God bless you. - Phyllis H.

Topic - Children of Light
Thanks for introducing me to your wonderful family. My, what a lovely sight to behold. I signed up for your newsletter. I am indeed privileged to be a small part of what your healing group does. How great to have your beautiful family on Earth at this time. God bless all of you. - A. Davis

Healing Requests

Please feel free to send us your healing requests for general healing, and we'll send you Light energy every day for 30 days.  Some requests require extensive support, such as Ego Program Removal , Implant/Matrix-type Gear Removal, Negative Programs Removal, or a Past Life Intervention. You can register your request through our website or by emailing us directly.

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