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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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 Ascension 240 
Ascension 240 
Select One 1) NY Supreme Court strikes down medical martial law that targeted unvaccinated children 2) Why carry 3) Your help needed: Natural News is now de-platformed by Twitter, Google, YouTube and other tech giants 4) Border Emergency is Real. 5) Unplanned: A Story About Government Sanctioned Evil 6) WH finalizing immigration-increase plan 7) Thanks To Democrats And Their Fake News Media, U.S. Is Facing Growing Border Horror 8) UPS partners with Merck to inject you with vaccines in your own living room 9) It Is Outrageous That Supporting Trump Is Dangerous 10) Are Americans Destroying Their Own Country? 11) The Rabid Main Stream Media Hatred Of Trump Supporters 12) Chinese pharma factories churning out meds tainted with toxic carcinogens 13) [New post] Cat Report 14) 3 Presidents 15) The OKC Bombing Coverup Of The Middle East Terrorist Cell 16) Leaked emails expose Google as a massive criminal operation 17) Why Did I Lose? 18) Is The Great Western Rural Lifestyle Dying? 19) The Tea Party Is Back 20) [New post] Deep State Fails Coup Attempt 21) Shocked, Just SHOCKED 22) LAWMAKERS VOTE DOWN Bill To Give Free Tuition To Children Of Military Members Killed In Line of Duty 23) Sen. Cruz goes after Big Tech's evil censorship to restore speech rights to all 24) Is the U.S. full? Ecological footprint reveals an inconvenient truth 25) I was thinking -- gonna like this one!!! 26) NYC Mayor de Blasio declares the govt. owns your body 27) Google NEST devices are secretly listening, recording all conversations in your home 28) RAISE Act reintroduced -- immigration cuts would buoy American workers 29) US And Iran: Natural Allies 30) [New post] Cat Report 31) America in Chains - Is America Worth Saving? 32) Lies Of The Left, Part 1 33) The Real Revolution Begins Today - Will You Fight? 34) 5G 35) 20/20-Rebecca Schaeffer Murder Report Resonates With Columnist 36) Proposed Texas law would demand safety studies for vaccines 37) Candida auris: the "silent superbug" that's already too late to stop - full documentary 38) U.S Lists Iran's Elite Guard A Terrorist Organization 39) You're still awake when they harvest your organs 40) Did Muslims Start The Notre Dame Fire? 41) Human civilization on the precipice... what's next?