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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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 Ascension 198 
Ascension 198 
Select One 1) A leap of magic beyond the continuum 2) Military Code of Conduct 3) George Soros moves to dominate American immigration policy 4) Tell Congress to avoid mistakes of past amnesties 5) Opioid epidemic and China 6) Hollywood, Behind The Curtain 7) [VLOG] - WAYS TO EMPOWER YOUR LIGHTWORK 8) This one plant can revolutionize medicine and make opioids nearly obsolete 9) Boom: Clintons, uranium, Putin, FBI 10) Deadly Mercury 11) Gifts from Prime Creator 12) $21 Trillion Missing - "U.S. Government a Criminal Enterprise" 13) [New post] Truth News Headlines October 23, 2017 14) David Wilcock Updates on his 10-22-17 article. 15) Message from Matthew 16) Toxic Food is killing humanity: One-fifth of global deaths now linked to processed food 17) NAACP Attacking Jerry Jones Confirms Betrayal Of Its People 18) The plot to overthrow America 19) Extortion on the Roads 20) Cultural Medical Dictionary 21) TESLA SOLAR POWER FOR PUERTO RICO 22) Why independent science terrifies the food and supplements industries 23) Puerto Rico: The story you won't hear 24) The George Bush Pedophile Sex Ring and Blackmailing of Congress 25) 1st victory step -- E-Verify passes House committee 26) Winston Churchill 27) Release of JFK Assassination File Is Delayed as Deadline Looms 28) One Skeleton Just Popped Out Of Bill Clinton's Closet To Bite Him 29) Our Redress To President Trump To Protect Our Children 30) The Bush 3rd Reich 31) Who in Congress protects employers of illegal aliens? 32) Exposing the science agenda to exterminate blacks 33) Who killed JFK? And why did they do it? 34) JFK Assassination Act Signed by President Bush in 1992 35) HOORAH !!! 36) General Kelly: Working with President Trump to Restore the Sacred 37) If Group-Think sank below the waves 38) Steve Bannon And The Takedown Of The GOP Establishment 39) 6 Keys to Making the Global Shift in Human Consciousness 40) Stealth socialism: follow the money 41) Big Pharma billionaire arrested, charged with conspiracy, racketeering, bribery 42) Consciousness comes from the brain? Really? 43) Trump Confirms "All JFK Files Are Released" After Latest Clash With Spy Agencies 44) Mueller Indictment A Diversion From Clinton And DNC Corruption 45) YOU are who you are looking for... Adam Roa 46) AAM on Potential Violence Among Non-Lightworker Currency Holders 47) Trump Sounds off on Manafort and Asks Why aren't the Hillary and Democrats the Focus? 48) Surprising truths about climate change from a brilliant scientist who just passed away 49) Fake news charges against Manafort 50) Water Weavers

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