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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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 Ascension 170 
Ascension 170 
Select One 1 "Why T4 is Better Than T1, T2, & T3" 2 Sananda, AAM, OWS: Timelines are Spliting 3 "The Blooming Light Worker" - One Who Knows - 3.23.17 4 Vitamin C halts CANCER stem cells...1000% better than drugs 5 "The Impending Downfall of the Elites" by BT - 3.24.17 6 The Big Call w/ Bruce 3-23-17 7 Restored Republic v& GCR: 3/24/17 8 "Where We Be At, Yo?" - RV/GCR Update - 3/23/17 9 Zika vaccine:t---it will alter your DNA 10 Interviews on space-time manipulation 11 Shifting to the Higher Timelines 12 White or Clear Neutral Forces 13 Blessings' and Raising the Carson Valley 'City of LIGHT' 14 Google profiting from terrorist training videos 15 Secret Presidential Order to Declassify Anti-aging & Free Energy 16 100% IRREVERSIBLE damage from antibiotics!! 17 RV News 18 Republic 19 "Creative Ways to Give Money Away" 20 amazing pictures - some old ones, but mostly new 21 Comey Leaks 22 ALL NEW ENERGIES NOW RULE 23 Patricia Cota-Robles On the Radio Tuesday March 28th 24 HELP US STAY ANCHORED IN THE LIGHT 25 Rogue-Sabre-1 Intel Report: State of the Republic 3-25-17 26 Restored Republic & GCR: 3/26/17 27 "Give a Dog a Bone" - One Who Knows - 3.26.17 28 3D Printed Water-Maker 29 Nearly all scientists fail science quiz 30 MR. BINNEY WAS THE FIRST WHISTLEBLOWER IN THE NSA 31 Paul Ryan's Secret Meeting with Obama After Killing the Healthcare Bill 32 Restored Republic & GCR: 3/27/17 33 NN just hired 4 new writers to cover nutritional science and medicine 34 Smith & Wesson 35 "Pick Your Time-Line Reality" - One Who Knows - 3.27.17 36 "The 4 Game Play Strategy" - 3.6.17 37 Claw Back' funding for sanctuary cities 38 Whistleblower 39 You're censored because "someone might get the wrong idea" 40 AN ENCOURAGING LOOK FORWARD 41 Logic and anti-logic in education 42 Trump Nominates 'Alligator' Clayton To Run SEC 43 Restored Republic & GCR: 3/28/17 44 "Hazards in Manifestation" by anami - 3.28.17 45 Putin Believes Iran is a Reliable and Stable Partner 46 Happening in Missouri now! 47 U.S. patent for anti-radiation protection