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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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 Journey Out of 3D 
Journey Out of 3D


Hello my name is Patrick, and I am going to take you on a special journey today, one that started long ago when you decided to participate in your own personal voyage through all of your various incarnations here on planet earth.  Yes, you have been actively involved in all of your earthly encounters and ventures by selecting which roles you would play, be it male or female, rich or poor, famous or immigrant, royalty or servant.  You wanted to experience all of what this beautiful school called earth had to offer, so you reincarnated through many lifetimes for your own personal soul growth.  This particular planet resides in what is known as the 3rd dimension and it allows one to experience both polarities of what is called the emotions. 

These emotions, negative or positive, become our teachers, just as our parents also became our teachers when they agreed to play their part in bringing us/you valuable life lessons, even if they were painful or traumatic, which allowed you the opportunity to experience all of these negative emotions while here on earth.  You/we learn your lessons by understanding that in order to actually know what Love actually is we had to experience its opposite, Fear.  In order to actually know what Compassion really is we have to experience its opposite which is Anger, and so on and so on.  In order to move or ascend out of 3D back up into the higher realms we must wrap up all of our experiences we have had, as one cannot take anything of a lower vibration or negative energy with us/you back into the higher realms.  You/we keep all of the knowledge and wisdom of these experiences through your memories, but you have to be willing to let go of the lower vibrations of negativity that surround those memories. 


This is what we are going to do today, so I would now like you to completely relax and take a couple of deep breaths and just let go of all the daily cares and worries and stress around you, and just really focus on this unique journey and how it can play a big part in lifting you out of the 3rd dimension.  You have to do your part and really visualize yourself doing this exercise, and then you need to do your own follow-up work by releasing any further negative emotions that may arise or that you are still holding on, to via clearing sessions or through Quantum Energetics......................... So let’s begin.




You asked Creator if you could go and play in this room, the one called the Universe of "Free Will".  He replied that you could go and play until your heart’s content but there is just one stipulation.  Before you can leave you will have to clean up your room, and that's what this session is all about, the Journey out of 3rd dimension through the 4th dimension and finally settling fully into the 5th dimension.


Yes, a shift did occur on 12-21-12 and we all have a chance to leave 3D behind, but first we have to clean up our room so to speak, our play area if you like.  Just like when you asked your parents if you could go outside and play, they responded by saying yes but first you have to go and clean up your room.  Begrudgingly you did so, and then once you were outside amidst the expanse and opportunities and freedoms that the entire neighborhood had to offer, you quickly forgot about having to stop and clean your room up first.


This is where the journey begins, so sit back, relax and use your wonderful imagination as we traverse from the 3rd dimension through the 4th and into the 5th dimension of Unconditional Love, Peace, Joy and Happiness !!



Now picture yourself in a large room.  It may look a little messy but that's o.k., after all we are going to leave it nice and clean.  As you glance around you notice items and things scattered all over the floor, lots of stuff just lying around. Now take a look on the back of the door and there you will see a large bag like the one Santa uses.  It’s velvety red with a golden sash at the top, just hanging there from a hook.  I want you to take this bag and once again start looking around the room, really take a good look within your mind’s eye and see what is actually lying all around.  That's right, all of your past negative lower emotional vibrations and the experiences that all of these emotions allowed you to have.


Now I want you to take your bag and start collecting all of those past lower emotions and place them into the bag that you are now holding. You will recognize them easily from your memories, although we are not clearing any memories, just the negative emotions that were associated with that particular experience.


I now want you to visualize large words in a block letter form, just as if they were carved out of wood, and golden in color. You may start to collect these words now, which represent all of the emotions you got to experience in this room and place them all into your bag now. That’s right, you will see hate, fear, sorrow, bitterness, rage, terror, wrath, shame, blame, guilt, anguish, lust, greed, loneliness, resentment, confusion, envy, despair, anxiety, embarrassment.  That's right, just keep collecting them and placing them into your bag.  You have experienced all of these emotions at one time or another in your many incarnations here on earth, in this room called "Free Will", so keep collecting knowing how good you’re going to feel when your room is all cleaned up.  Judgment, rejection, sadness, worry, unacceptedness, helplessness, being controlled, offended, forced into  compliance, discouragement, distrust, frustration, hopelessness, abandonment, pain, (and look at what's hiding over in the corner),  anger, and right next to it unforgiveness, sadness, and remorse (we  don't want to forget those now do we).  O.K., it seems your bag is now nice and full, and you can feel how heavy this burden would be to carry around with you all the time in the next room that you wish to go play and experience in, but that's o.k., there is a remedy for this.


Now I want you to notice standing against the wall a large armoire-type closet standing there, and although you hadn't noticed it while cleaning up it has always been there. There is a beautiful violet color peeking out from around the edges of the two golden doors.  Across the top a word is engraved which says "Transmutation".  Now I want you to open this armoire and place your very heavy, very full bag into this closet and close the doors.


Notice how much lighter and happier you feel without toting this bag around.  When you close the doors you notice that something starts to happen inside this closet, that the violet light from inside starts to shine brighter and brighter until that is all you can see in the entire room.  Your room is now clean and restored.



Now see yourself walking over to the door to exit this room, and just when you get to the door you notice a sign above that reads, "Welcome to the 4th Dimension", so you know you’re heading into the correct room.  After all, we wouldn't want you to get lost out in this magnificent universe with all these dimensions and realities.  Now picture yourself walking through this door and gently closing it behind you, and when you finish closing the door you notice a new Santa-type bag hanging on the back of this door.


I know, you’re thinking to yourself, I haven't even played in this room yet so how can I have stuff lying around.  Well you don't exactly, but remember the journey is to end up in the 5th dimension, so the 4th dimension is like a short lay-over like when you’re taking a plane trip from Los Angeles to New York, that's right, there's a lay-over in Phoenix.  This is like the "ready room" for 5D.  Are you ready to go into 5D?  Well, we'll see.  Now I want you to notice that there is nothing on the floors at all, but if you look closely you’re going to see shelves lining both sides of this room.  You notice that there are new words, again in golden block letter form, neatly placed all around the shelves. Now I want you to take your bag and start collecting all of the new words that are going to represent all of the new experiences that you are going to have in the next room, yes, the 5D room.  You only need to take one of each but don't forget one; we wouldn't want you to miss out on anything exciting.  You see them now:  there’s love, peace, joy, happiness, trust, patience, vision, compassion, forgiveness, security, wealth, youthfulness, tolerance, fun, confidence, treasures, playfulness, fortitude, strength, harmony, self-worth, acceptance, excitement, beauty, passion, music, art, singing, dancing, unity, ecstasy, power, togetherness, creativity, understanding, oneness,  agelessness, timelessness, limitlessness, calmness, sharing, caring, gratitude, magic, and don't forget knowledge right over there next to freedom and liberty and life.  Make sure you get one of each now.  You may notice that although your bag is now quite full it hardly weighs anything it all.  It's actually as light as a feather.  Speaking of feathers, there's one shelf over there that also needs to be added to your bag, trees, plants, animals, birds, insects, minerals, water, exotic fish, dolphins, whales, unicorns, fairies, angels.  That's right, they all came with us on this journey.  No one gets left behind.  I see you now all have beautiful smiles on your faces as you must have done a great job in the 4D room to prepare yourselves for the next room.  With your memories stored safely within your hearts and your bags all packed you’re now ready for all of the new exciting journeys and creative wonders this new room of 5D has to offer.


You now look up and you see a magnificent radiating sign that says: Welcome to the 5th Dimension, we hope your stay here will be a pleasant one, and should you ever have any questions regarding your stay, just look within in your magnificent magical bags that you packed so well because I'm quite sure you brought everything with you that you’re going to need during your beautiful stay here in PARADISE !!

…….and as always thank you for flying Galactic Airways !!





Original message by Patrick Hansen

Copyright 01/18/2013

*all rights reserved unless otherwise assigned *

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