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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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To All those wondering - "What's going on?"
Due to many emails and phone calls asking "what's going on because I feel so strange", I wrote this article to give you a "heads up" as to what's happening to you and to the entire cosmos.
As you know we are fast approaching a shift in ages, moving from an outdated thought system based on fear, power, money and control (Pisces) to a thought system of unity and brotherhood (Aquarius) which is based on love and compassion while pouring the waters of creation in a more positive and creative way. (Quan Yin's Metta)
A very important date given to us by the Mayan Elders is the Winter Solstice (Dec 21, 2012), which is only a few years away. Whenever the cosmic clock moves from one age being 2,160 years to a new age, different aspects of the Godhead are sent forth to be anchored on the earth plane through each one of us. And we are here to heal our minds and to be of service to the Light by expressing these divine qualities in our own lives. This is a New Age thought system based on harmony and understanding brought forth by the Holy Spirit or Divine Mother attributes of the Godhead, because it is "she" that brings the balance.
So, if you are feeling weird, out of sorts, exhausted, dizzy, depressed or anything but peaceful joy and inner contentment, this message is for you.
A great change is definitely upon us and for the most part we are well aware of it. What we may or may not know is this: the world as you know it is coming to an end because of this great shift of Ages. Or rather, the consciousness as you know it is dying. This doesn't mean that the earth will spin off into some godforsaken place with you on it. However, what it does mean is that you are becoming a multi- dimensional, multi-sensory human being.
You are the caterpillar in the chrysalis becoming a butterfly! Your outdated ways of doing life are being replaced and you are in the process of being reprogrammed. Your brain is being rebooted, if you will, and I know you're feeling it!
We are, each of us, giving birth to a brand new consciousness and it's an evolutionary shift of ages from one of power, control and dominating energies to that of compassion, understanding and unconditional love! It's about becoming a whole person while on the earth plane! The energies of the Holy Spirit are upon us all. The alchemical marriage of our own inner masculine and feminine is taking place! It's about balance!
There is an acceleration of cosmic forces at play on the planet right now beaming wave after wave of intense energies, and this is what you are feeling. Over the next few months and beyond, these energies will amplify those areas in your life where you are not willing to let go of third-dimensional ideas and concepts. It's about the Third Chakra [Solar Plexus] frequencies of me, me, me (remember power, money and control)! That is why so many people are feeling out of control with these intense energies.
Wherever you are using the will of your ego to control, you must now surrender and let go. Anything built on fear will tumble. The proverbial rugs are being pulled out from under our feet. The old paradigm of "my way or the highway" is being replaced by the higher frequencies of light, which is knowingness and understanding.
You must learn to tap into the intuitive voice speaking direct from your heart and allow it to steer you toward your greater joy. Remember, if you resist the light you'll experience emotional pain, physical pain, mental and spiritual pain! Let go. Trust in the Divine that all will be given unto you as you learn to receive and integrate these holy comforting energies of love and compassion.
You must BE still. Don't fight what's happening and instead go with the flow. Remember to trust and embrace each new moment with an open heart. Everything you need is contained within the NOW.
The outpouring of these intense energies may present as strange and unusual sensations in your physical body. Some people feel as though they have an electrical charge running through their bodies, or you may feel vibrations that you've never felt before. You may even feel bipolar or like you're going crazy. You may experience bouts of anxiety, depression, overwhelming sadness, extreme fatigue, heart palpitations and even out-of-control emotions.
Oh yes, another thing - you may even lose your memory. Don't worry, it's not Alzheimer's! These intense energies short circuit old and outdated thought forms. Learn to let go and trust in a Higher Power! You are not in control anymore; it's about surrender and trust. The Holy Spirit is at work here. There is a force steering you toward your greatness. Let go and move with it. The path is inward. Go in and connect with this cosmic force of brilliance that has your best interest
at heart!
The outpouring of light comes direct to you from the Godhead and wants to infuse every cell in your body with divine light, love and joy. As we learn to receive this amazing light we change into the multi- dimensional masterminds that we were created to be. This is a universal awakening and we are all evolving at a very fast pace along with the entire Cosmos! Stay centered, relax and trust, take care of your mind, take care of your body, and above all else know this: you cannot bypass your heart in order to move into the higher frequencies. So open your heart, trust in your own inner wisdom and ask to have your mind healed.
Riding the Wave of Transformation
- We are creating a world of Master Minds one thought at a time. Because of the acceleration due to the intense energies, you must guard your thoughts at all times more than ever now. This is imperative because we are getting what we think about instantly. This universal law has hit critical mass consciousness and will continue to gain power with each passing minute and with every passing day!
- You must not focus on the problem or issue, but seek the solution from within! Force will not take care of anything anymore. Force comes from the third- dimensional thought system. Real power comes from balance. So go inside, open your heart and connect to your Source.
- It feels as if we are living in two worlds with no clear direction. This is the stage of transition which feels like the toughest place to be in right now. TRUST AND FAITH are the answer. Meditation is key. You will be intuitively guided. Again, go within, this is an inner journey. We are all learning to listen to our own inner wisdom.
- Any area in your life where you are saying "I have to, I should, I'd better or I ought to" is not in alignment with your heart. You are coming from 3-D. Let go.
- Be patient with yourself as you are feeling past, present and future all at once sometimes. This is the confusion you are experiencing. Again it cannot be stressed enough - go inward. Your heart will direct you. You must cultivate a relationship with your own heart in order to hear the guidance coming to you from within.
- In any given moment where you are feeling out of alignment with your light, where you are feeling scared or threatened, close your eyes and take a beautiful breath of loving molecules. Stop all thoughts and quietly say to yourself, "Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God." [from A Course in Miracles]. Repeat this until you feel harmony and balance in your heart.
Physical Symptoms
- Panic and fear
- Anxiety
- Loss of interest in things
- No motivation
- Physiological break downs
- Mental and Nervous breakdowns
- Extreme fatigue and exhaustion
- Feeling like a victim one minute and then a master the next!
- Heart palpitations.
- Weight gain
We must raise our vibration to match the frequencies coming in. Taking care of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies is very important. Here are some tips to help you stay healthy and balanced in all four bodies.
- Drink lots of water.
- BREATHE deeply and consciously.
- Eat lots of green foods and with plenty of antioxidants.
- Digestive aids and probiotic formulas
- Bach flower remedies, soothing baths, time out to nurture your soul
- Meditation
- Walking in nature
- Listening to beautiful and uplifting music
- Cut back on sugar, caffeine and intoxicating drinks
- Prayer
- Chanting
- Work a daily recovery program, such as ACIM (A Course In Miracles), which is wonderful!
- Journal your thoughts and feelings
- Take a daily inventory and make improvements

- If you are a man connect with the little boy in you - your joyful, playful and innocent self
- If you are a woman connect with the little girl in you - your joyful, playful and innocent self
- Remember to say yes to love and no to fear!
May you continue to see the stars of heaven shining brightly in the eyes of your many other selves, and may you, above all else, find the peace you are looking for in your very own heart!
God/dess Bless You!

In love and peace always,

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