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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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 Ascension 243 
Ascension 243 
Select One 1) How Do They Get Elected??? 2) Assassination Cover-Up Exposed 3) Republicans Blame DHS for Crisis 4) Child mutilation became progressive 5) Elijah 'Crooked' Cummings 6) I was thinking ... 7) A National Day of Action 8) It Is Time To Engage The Enemy 9) Patients choosing cannabis over meds 10) NAZI's In British Army Says... 11) A Memorial Day video 12) Major John Cleckner Special Forces 13) A Wake-Up Call For Every Family 14) The Privy Council Controls America 15) Wikipedia co-founder exposes the lies 16) The Reverends....Your laugh for Today!!! 17) Speaking up at this moment on Earth 18) Why: Lies of the vaccine industry? 19) American People's Citizen Grand Jury 20) Mueller Back Stabbing Trump In Press 21) Comey & Brennan turn on eachother 22) Blow against Ponzi demography 23) Facebook complicit in disease crisis 24) Congress to vote on Amnesty! 25) House committee approves DREAM! 26) When someone calls you a Bird-Brain 27) Secrets of Cannabis Revealed 28) The Internet And Social Media 29) Tech giants have become hubs  30) Attempts To Impeach Trump 31) Ohio hospital spread disease 32) New York Baby Harvesting Must stop 33) Article II of the Constitution 34) 5G: A Plan To Depopulate Earth? 35) Google and other tech giants taken down 36) Barr Take Wray To The Woodshed 37) Stop amnesty with just 1-click! 38) Roger Stone Is Innocent 39) Wyoming rancher's summary of report 40) Statin drugs: nervous system disorder 41) Business Soon To Be Out Of Business 42) House passes amnesty bill for illegals 43) Grieving on World Environment Day 44) Parkland deputy charged for shooting 45) Crushing the First Amendment 46) Your Rep. Voting in Favor of Amnesty! 47) Thomas Jefferson - This is awesome 48) Contradiction Wrapped In Absurdity 49) Currency Reset Buzz - Fulford Report 50) Wildlife officials now poisoning hogs