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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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 Ascension 244 
Ascension 244 
Select One 1) Santa Barbara Beach, CA 2) Spokane And Michael Jackson Effect 3) America must declare "D-Day" 4) You can still stop amnesty in the Senate! 5) AWESOME - our President !! 6) Pelosi Wants to See Trump in Prison 7) The Sludge Sisters 8) Our Authority Over The Enemy 9) Facebook bans Natural News 10) YouTube Ban All Conservatives From 11) Illegal Aliens Must Be Quarantined 12) European NGO sues Facebook...  13) SALTY SAILOR and the FIREMAN 14) How Severe This is By Tech Giants? 15) Nation Supported By Tariffs 16) FCUSA Fix it with a hammer 17) Facebook banned Natural News 18) Defeat bill that would inflame crisis 19) TOLERANCE.... Your Laugh for Today 20) Drive To Destroy The Beef Industry 21) LGBT parents mutilating their babies 22) Betsy DeVos's Education Choice 23) GOOD STUFF! 24) CIVIL WAR 25) Trump signs executive order 26) Do Females Understand Freedom? 27) Censorship leading to violent war? 28) America full, Reduce immigration 29) Roy floor protest to end border crisis 30) Father's Day Includes Step Dads 31) Conservatives Battle Against IRS 32) Actress Jessica Biel attacked 33) Bypass censorship purge of tech's... 34) A Sustainable 'Good Life' 35) Church Silent When POW/MIA Flag... 36) Blood pressure drugs found laced 37) H.R. announce platform Brighteon 2.0 38) NewsWithViews might not be on-line 39) $98,380 OFFER TO STOP AMNESTY 40) Tell Johnson to vote on H.R. 3056 41) Communism Can't Happen In America 42) General Flynn Hires Sidney Powell 43) Vaccines are not traffic lights 44) Governor Kate Brown Threatens... 45) Canada begins organ harvesting 46) Border spending bills miss the mark 47) Bigger Hot Button Than I Thought 48) FDA Homeopathy Draft Guidance 49) Why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 50) Is America's next civil war erupting?