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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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A Letter From God


     Do you wonder who you are where you came from and the nature of your destination?  You wonder about this because I have designed it so.  But your wondering is not in vain.  Some of you have not yet pondered this question while others of you have commenced seeking every possible way to become clear in this regard.  And others of you have dropped all other considerations and made the quest to know the one preoccupation of your life.  All such levels are in precise accord with My Divine Design.


     First of all- let Me say to you that you are not in as much trouble as you think.  It only appears that this is so.  But don’t worry about appearances for they are never the way things really are.  I know this is easy for Me to say- but I always know what I am talking about and I always tell the Truth.  So you can trust what I say.


     Next, I will say that only as you find that you have made it your sole pre-occupation to know your identity origin and destiny can you possibly come to understand this.  Again- the reason this is so is because I designed it thus.  In other words, I have decreed that only seekers find.


     Let Me give you a little background.  As you have grown to adulthood you have found the world you live in to be full of chaos turmoil suffering and that which you call- death.  This unavoidable observation has caused you great bewilderment and this is the basis of your quest to know what it’s all about.  Mark My word- it is not as difficult to know the answers as you have thought.  I will further say that to know the answers and become clear on what it’s all about is to instantly experience what you would call an awakening from a sleep-like state or a resurrection from a sort of death condition.


     You see, at first you think you are wide awake having a real life experience- even though you seriously question the utility of the existence pattern you call- life.  Then you become not so sure that your really awake and- in the final analysis, alive.  Don’t worry about any of this either as this is the normal development sequence of conscious awareness for all in your world.  I have carefully planned and made every detail of this so for you.  Therefore, I say unto you, All is well now and assuredly all shall turn out exceedingly well for you in the end.  Trust Me, I know whereof I speak for I AM the Infinite Designer of all that you experience.  And I’ll assure you- I have everything in Absolute control. 


     You also- at some level- come to think you are in such utter despair that you need what you call a savior or someone to help you get loose from your perceived predicament.  This is all illusion too.  You need no such thing as will be extremely clear shortly.  Even this letter is not necessary from Me to you.  For whether or not you ever saw or read this letter you will awake from your apparent delusion and be so happy as you will know clearly that it is all nothing more than a dream.  But this is not a usual-type dream, for when you awake from your part in this Play- you will know that you never actually were asleep.  In fact- you really- on the primary level, know now- already- what I am talking about and truly you know all that I know.  What I am saying is this.  When anyone awakes from or out of your dream world- they awake AS Me.  YES- you heard Me correctly, they awake AS God.  And of course to awake in this sense is to know that who You really are never went to sleep and never actually experienced any of the so-called human life experience as is projected in your dream world.  YES- you are the ONE Omnipotent Mind and therefore, the Author of this very letter.


     Wow! You say.  How could this ever be so?  I’ll explain- but just for fun, for there really is nothing to explain and no one who is actually in need of an explanation.  But let’s play and have more fun.


     The so-called earth dream is My Movie.  My grand Adventure.  I have designed every detail and AM as well the screen writer of this marvelous dream script.  And being that I exist AS ALL THAT ACTUALLY IS- even as so-called men and women, cats and dogs, trees and stars, etc., etc., I have absolutely no difficulty in finding Bodies to enact fun roles in My movies.  The Fact is- I AM ALL these Bodies.  That is- none of these Bodies are different or other than Me- even My Omnipresent and Ever-Active Self in Timeless and Joyous Expression.


     I AM so wonderfully ingenious that I can make any thing or condition that I imagine appear to be in My movies.  Indeed, this is no surprise, for what can’t I do?  Therefore I can make beginnings and endings- such as birth and death to transpire on My big Cosmic Screen even though nothing of the kind is actual in My Boundless Infinity.  The earth dream is such a movie.  Not only is it not an actual reality but neither are the bodies shown as being born and dying real either.  All these parts were previously acted out and completed together with all My animated special effects and then the film was set in cement so to speak.  Finished!  Now is the time for its Glorious projection on the Universal Cosmic Screen.  All who participated in the various roles are enjoying- to their heart’s content- the viewing of this film. 


     In other words, the Real People are elsewhere.  That is, I AM ELSEWHERE!  They are not bopping about on a screen upon which a Cosmic Drama is being projected.  So while some roles have been designed to end at specific intervals in the script, others play-out to the film’s end.  But unlike movie projects within the realm of dream, I possess the unique capability of setting up a sort of inter-action between Myself AS Beings who are said to have already finished their roles or transcended the illusion of dream, with other projected entities who have yet to complete their specific parts.  I have immense fun in this manner as You really already know. 


     The reason why I said All is always well is obvious.  And it is no secret why- when individual film stars finish their role within the midst of the film story- they are said to awake AS ME.  FOR THERE IS ONLY ME IN ACTUAL EXISTENCE.  And of course, to awake or finish one’s role is simply expressed as becoming aware that such never did actually sleep.  In other words, the Real I AM Body that played the part never actually left the ONLY Reality that I always AM.  So really- there is no one actually becoming aware of anything!  It is just stated thus to be sort of a connector term between the realm of the unreal on film and the ONLY REALITY beyond.


     It is so wonderful that we can play together in such a manner that you can, on some level, feel a sense of peaceful assurance and well-being by this letter from Me to You.  Indeed, how could it be otherwise- for YOU are not different or other than ME.





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