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 CODEX Petition 
Today, June 1, 2005 the Natural Solutions Foundation is taking a bold and innovative step forward to help keep the US CODEX-Free.  We are filing a Citizen's Petition with the US CODEX Office to compel the US Government and its CODEX Delegation to comply with US law, which can protect us via DSHEA and other laws from much of the worst that CODEX has to offer.  A Citizen's Petition is a powerful tool in our battle to retain, expand and protect our Health Freedoms here in the US. 

Please read it below and then become a part of this groundbreaking move in the CODEX Battle!
It is vitally important that you spread this Citizen's Petition to your entire network and ask people to fax the letter at the end of this email to the Natural Solutions Foundation so that e can have as many people as possible joining the petition. 
Unlike a signature petition, a Citizen's Petition can not be tossed away with impunity but is a tool that ordinary people can use to make the Government listen to them.  Fax the letter below to us at 914-271-6720 and become a part of Health Freedom History.
MORE GOOD NEWS: we have our own radio voice over the internet at !  Please let your whole network know that Bert Stubblebine and I will be co-hosting the new FREE U.S./Free US show on Wednesdays at 7 Eastern time on  Join us live and ask a question on the phone line AND tell your entire network to tune in.
 If you can't listen live, all our shows will be archived on the site.
Tonight, June 1, our inaugural guest will be Jim Turner, a 'good guy' health freedom lawyer who helped draft the document which we are presenting to CODEX tomorrow as a procedural advisor.  Jim is also one of the members of the official CODEX Delegation to the 28th CODEX ALIMENTARIUS Commission meeting in July (Rome)!  Remember, our radio show will premier on June 1, 2005 PM eastern and the station is .
Next week, June 8,  FREE U.S./FREE US will be interviewing Joyce Riley of the Power Hour. Joyce is a dedicated ant tireless former Navy flight nurse who has a long history of fighting for Veteran's rights and freedom for the rest of America, too. Her co-host, Dave Vonkleist have produced "9/11 In Plane Site", a DVD you MUST see.  Go to to purchase it.
On June 15, our guest will be renowned Radio Talk Show Host, Robby Noel of the Robby Noel show.  Robby takes no prisoners! June 15, 2005, Robby Noel will be joining us on FREE U.S./FREE US at 7 PM, Wednesday.  You can get to know Robby at  Put it on your calendar!
Please visit us at and see what is new. 
See you at  FREE U.S./FREE US!,  http:////   tonight and every
Wednesday at 7 PM Eastern!
Yours in health and freedom,
Rima E. Laibow, MD is raising massive awareness about Health Freedom
and the CODEX threat and inspiring millions of Americans to take massive
action to protect Health Freedom in America.
Your donations are critical:


Join the Citizens Petition and Keep America CODEX-FREE!

US law prevents our government from "HARMonizing" with any International Standard which violates US law. We are reminding the US government, and our CODEX Delegation, of that law! Take a bold step for health and health freedom with us by joining in the Natural Solutions Foundation's Citizen's Petition.

On June 1, 2005, the Natural Solutions Foundation will present a ground-breaking Citizens' Petition to the United States CODEX Office and the Secretaries and heads of all involved Departments and Agencies (FDA, USDA, HHS, DOC, FDA), along with President Bush and Congressional leaders, to remind them of their responsibility to the American People to protect us from "HARMonization" with any international standards which violate US law.

A 1997 law prohibits the US from harmonizing with any international standards contrary to US law. Nonetheless, the FDA and USDA, Departments of Commerce, Health and Human Services and the EPA have been illegally proceeding by harmonizing with standards that do, in fact, violate our laws and protections. A good example of this illegality is the Dietary Supplements Health Education Act of 1994 (or DSHEA) which is seriously threatened by the Vitamin and Mineral Standard of CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, set for ratification in July, 2005 at the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS Commission meeting in Rome.

The Natural Health Organization Citizen's Petition can have new petitioners added at any time. Join in the Citizen's petition and let the US CODEX Office know that you oppose losing your health and health freedoms! This is a simple, practical, and effective step you can take to do something about the threat posed by CODEX.

Citizens Petitions are a special form of communication with the government which allows ordinary people to remind the government of its responsibilities toward them. Click here (PDF - opens in new window) to read the Natural Solutions Foundation Citizen's Petition. Like what you read? Wish you could be a part of making sure the US stays CODEX-Free? Well you can be!

Become a petitioner of the Natural Solutions Citizens Petition and add your voice to the growing number of Americans telling the US Government it must follow its own laws!

Easy Instructions:

It's easy, simple and puts you back in the driver's seat by exercising your constitutional rights. Here's all you have to do:

1.      Read the Citizens Petition (PDF - opens in new window)

2.      Download the join-in letter (PDF - opens in new window), print it, and write your name and contact information as indicated in the sample below

3.      Fax the letter you have signed to the Natural Solutions Foundation at 914-271-6720 and we will present it to Dr. Ed. Scarbrough, the head of the US CODEX Office.

Important note: this is a sample of the letter you need to fax to us. We have provided you with this sample so you can see what you are being asked to sign before you download the letter and actually sign it. Simply download the letter in PDF format (see link above), print out, and then add your signature, name, address, mail and phone number (as shown below), and fax it to us at the Natural Solutions Foundation, at the number above.

F. Edward Scarbrough, PhD
Manager for Codex
U.S. Department of
South Building
, Room 4861
1400 Independence Ave
, DC 20250

Dear Dr. Scarbrough:

As a citizen deeply concerned with health and health freedom in the United States I wish to join the Natural Solutions Foundation in urging the policy of the United States in general, and your office and the CODEX Delegation in particular to adopt policies and positions which are strictly in line with US law preventing harmonization with any international standard or guideline which is in conflict with, or contradiction of, United States law.

In support of that position I wish to join in the Citizen's Petition submitted to you on June 1, 2005 and to the Secretaries of Agriculture, Commerce, Health and Human Services, the Food and Drug Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, President Bush and Congressional leaders of both parties urging conformity to US law in all dealings with CODEX ALIMENTARIUS Commissions, committees, decisions and actions.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter. CODEX standards, especially the Vitamin and Mineral Guideline, now at Step 8, threatens our rights and laws in serious ways. This standard represents a violation of the significant protection offered to us in this country by laws like DSHEA and similar statutes.

Please bring the US policy and activates of the US CODEX Office and the US CODEX Delegation into conformity with the legal protections we have won with such difficulty in the United States.

Yours in health and freedom,

[Your signature]

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[Your address]
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