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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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 Chakra Opening 
Chakra Opening


To open the Chakras, there is a few powerful techniques that have been lost even by those who teach this subject in our days. You will not find these techniques in the actual methods available. These are very ancient techniques that goes back to the Age of Light before our Age. These techniques were inspired teachings that I received and put into practice and I can personally confirm you that they really work. I have opened my chakras in many long periods of my life. But one must continue to use the technique to keep them open as well. ( When I visited a Tibetan temple and was listening to the meditation techniques instructions of the monk I was quite astounded to learn that Tibetans use many of the same key techniques that I had discovered by spiritual intuition and inspiration )

This is the Ancient Tantric Chakras opening technique step by step:

1) Take a very long in breath:
You can achieve this by closing down the channel of air to a very tiny narrow passage so you can even hear the sound of the air being compressed. Visualize a Pillar of Light in your spine and the Light energy coming down from the Higher Dimensions and through your Crown chakra down to your Ara chakra in your belly and gathering there. Receive this energy with reverence. Do visualize your body as a sacred Temple where this sacred energy will be received with gratitude for the ascension of your spirit on your spiritual path toward the Light. Look up through your crown chakras to see the Light energy coming from the Higher spheres.

2) Hold the breath for as long periods of time you can :
( proceed by steps by lengthening the holding of the breath period progressively )

3) While you are holding the breath, visualize your Ara chakra as a bright sun,
and then visualize another smaller sun cyclically rotating in orbit around that sun chakras you are concentrating upon. At this stage now bring the focus of your gaze down toward your Ara chakra, it is important that your eye focus concentrate on the chakra you want to open. I suggest you do the rotation motion on the vertical axis. ( This cyclic rotation of energy is the most important aspect of the technique with the holding of the breath and are the lost elements that are absent in most contemporary teachings available )

4) Exhale normally.

5) Wait a few second before In breathing again to start a new cycle.

Every time the rotating orbiting sun will pass in front of your body, it will energized and contribute in the opening of your chakra. It will be like an energetic pulse that beats and get stronger every time it passes in front of the chakra.

You are now doing Tantric Yoga...
welcome on the sacred path of the Initiates.

( I suggest starting with the ARA chakras.
Once a chakras start opening, you will experience an energy of Bliss, Joy, Ecstasy, Love and Light. You will know Blessings beyond words. After you have opened a first chakras continue concentrating on this one for a period to establish the Prana energy in you. After one chakra is open you can link it to the next chakra, like the solar plexus one and create a bridge of energy between the 2 chakras and transfer the prana energy of the opened one to the one you want to open. Once a first chakra has opened it is much easier to open the others, the heart, solar plexus, third eye, crown chakra.

When you begin working with this technique, go progressively. Start holding the breath progressively longer, and you can even take many normal breath in between cycles to stay comfortable, but always come back to the holding the breath, your courage, concentration and dedication will reward you with an access to a whole new dimension of existence that you can access only through these ecstatic blissful states.

You will soon see for yourself that you will start to relax very deeply in the breath holding period, and it will even become soon a very enjoyable & blissful feeling. The longer you hold, especially in the last moments where you will have to put your will, energy determination and focus to contribution to remain in this state, these moments are the most important and the most powerful to awaken the sacred Prana energy that opens the Chakras.


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