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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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 Ascension 212 
Ascension 212 
Select One 1) Trump admin. comes out swinging - sues California, renews push for Goodlatte bill 2) REMINDER: Patricia Cota-Robles FREE SEMINAR in GREENSBORO, NC 3) "Nuremberg II Tribunals Loom" - Fulford Report - 3.5.18 4) Why The Constitutional Convention Could Destroy What's Left Of America 5) Latest medical science horror: Organ harvesting animal farms about to be launched 6) No DACA in Upcoming Spending Bills 7) I AM Freedom in Action Now and Forever 8) Why Do Non-Muslims Convert To Islam? 9) Hope in finding God again 10) Adolf Hitlers Daughter! 11) Have We Let The Government Go Too Far? 12) WAKEUP A LIBERAL FOR AMERICA 13) "The Dominoes Keep Falling" 14) interview unveils secrets of disease prevention 15) My lawyers just issued this demand to YouTube 16) Orators of the Democrat Party, Past and Recent 17) Montague Keen via Veronica: The Bubble is Bursting 18) Cheap 3D-printed home for the 1 billion who lack shelter 19) What is Love? by Master Kuthumi 20) Arrests 21) The Coward Of Broward County, Deputy Scot Peterson 22) Nuked 23) What Happens When The People Cease Being Sovereign? 24) YouTube to start "correcting" controversial videos with approved "facts" 25) AMNESTY THREAT! Pres. Trump wants DACA in spending bill 26) Solutions For Killing Our Kids Across America: It Will Play Out Badly 27) "The Dominoes Keep Falling" 28) The resignation of Betsy DeVos 29) REGARDING THERANOS AND TESLA MOTORS 30) Inventor of World Wide Web warns of dire consequences of tech censorship 31) Here's why buying store-bought almond milk might be a really bad idea 32) Grand expansion of Light is eternal 33) "Lock Her Up" Wasn't Just A Campaign Slogan 34) U.S. Voters Flee From The Democratic Party, Re-Register With GOP 35) In Vice President Pence's home town 36) How did they get there? Amazing photos 37) The New High School Teacher 38) Can We Trust The Government To Define Your Mental Health? 39) Healing Power 40) Saul Message 41) Slavery 42) U.S. Politicians In Congress: Undermining Our Laws 43) The Healing Power of Your Inner Truth by Cosmic Logos Mahatma 44) Chaos is certain: U.S. cities collapsing into cesspools of crime, drugs and coming chaos 45) WHY IRISH EYES ARE SMILIN 46) Mediterranean diet confirmed to prevent cancer 47) Brainwashing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook of Psycho Politics 48) Abel Danger *****SES Statement and Senators response 49) The latest news on vaccines, Monsanto and toxins 50) The Dems New Strategy: Run As A Conservative

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