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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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Agents of Light

July 2007  
Bryan and Lisa James
Welcome to the Agents of Light newsletter. The purpose of our monthly newsletter is to establish contact and support for Lightworkers and their families, as they in turn access healing Light energy for themselves, Mother Earth and all other life on this planet. There are hundreds of practical uses for Light energy, and it can serve us and our children in any manner we can conceive, while also helping raise the Earth's vibration. Our goal is to help create a critical mass of higher frequency energy that will raise the planet's vibration and lead us all into the New Age.
In this issue, Prime Source explains the purpose of Ascension, which might provide a new perspective for readers. We update you on the Nether Worlds Reclamation project, which is going extremely well.  You're given an insider view of how the Galactic Federation is supporting one key U.S. government leader.  And finally, we update readers on the steady rate of increase in the desire for significant change on our planet. 
In love and Light,
Bryan James
NebulaMessage from Prime Source

"Purpose of Ascension" from July 3

As we move forward toward ascension, it's very important to look to me.  The purpose of ascension is to prepare you for the work I would like to do through out my creation.
The first thing that will occur during your ascension is you'll see me for who I am.  When you see me, you will note that I care for you very much.
When the time comes, you will be able to hear my voice and work along side me for the purpose of raising up my creation.  You will work with me until we have completed establishing love.


(Prime Source's messages channeled by Bryan James)
Nether Worlds Project Update
Circle of Lights Banner
The effort to reclaim lost souls from the Nether Worlds continues to go well, as over two million have been transitioned to their home on the astral planes in the month of July.  As of July 30th, 6,676,848 souls have been escorted home for a new beginning.  Many of these souls will reenter the incarnation process in September of this year, with others gradually following afterwards.  Eventually, all will continue their evolution.    
Souls sent home by month
March - 132,846
April - 902,485
May - 1,445,020
June - 2,204,138
July - 2,072,359
At this point, 90% of the approximately 50 million souls have regained enough cognitive ability to attend schools that Divine Mother has set up throughout the Nether Worlds, and an average of over 70,000 are leaving every day. 
Volunteers are still welcome and needed to help staff these schools, or assist with those not yet attending. Many from Earth are volunteering at night during their sleep state, but the majority of assistance is coming from other planets and universes.  
We continue to receive emails from volunteers who share their wonderful experiences serving.  With your continued support, alongside so many of the Holy Ones and beings throughout creation, we will return each of these souls to their loved ones.

Galactic Federation Supporting Nancy Pelosi

Nancy PelosiIn the May issue, I mentioned how the Galactic Federation had spiritually strengthened Nancy Pelosi (Democrat, California), the U.S. Speaker of the House, in an effort to help end the war in Iraq.
In doing so, they removed all of her negative programming (i.e., Ego Program, Comfort Zone Program, etc.) and raised her frequency to 20,000.  They also provided her with significant spiritual protection to ensure she has what she needs to continue this important cause. 
To further support her efforts, the Federation recently raised her frequency to 100,000, making her by far the highest ranking spiritual person in government.
Having been a worker of Light over many lifetimes, Pelosi is receiving all the support that's possible at this time.  
Please join me in remembering her with your prayers, Light, chants, positive thoughts, etc. for her success, as there is much at stake.
Desire for Change Still Trending Up on Earth
I mentioned how going back to 1950, 0% thought we needed to drastically change our way of life, even though Earth was embroiled in the Cold War after having suffered through two world wars in a single generation. And it wasn't until 1968 that 1% of the population started imagining a different type of world. 
Because of the anxiety caused by race relations and the Vietnam War, that number increased to 5% by 1970.  And then it took another 20 years before it got as high as 10% in 1990, right before the first Gulf War.  After just six years of the Bush presidency, that number has dramatically increased to 50% by January, 2007.  No wonder Prime Source announced that "Peace was at hand!"
By July 31, it was at 62%, and throughout the rest of this year we expect to see an unprecedented increase in the dissatisfaction of human beings, in the way humans have mismanaged the Earth, its resources and our human relationships.  This rate of increase has never before been experienced in the history of the planet.  Look for the following to occur through the remainder of 2007:
Date/Level of Dissatisfaction
August 31 - 65%
September 30 - 67%
October 31 - No Change
November 30 - 70%
December 31 - 72%
Significant effort and resources are going into preparing the Earth and all creation energetically for planetary changes. On several occasions, Prime Source has told me we should focus on preparing Mother Earth for ascension by spreading our Light and increasing the frequency of the planet. 

Back in the April newsletter, I reported on how the desire for change is trending remarkably higher on Earth and throughout creation, and as this occurs it creates a scenario where the Galactic Federation and Council of Light are permitted to intervene more directly into our planet's affairs. 

What's New With Circle of Lights

Children of the Light is now being published in Germany under the name Kinder des Lichtes.  We are happy to report that people from at least 125 different countries are accessing our message about the Light and they have downloaded over 14,200 articles from our site. Our goal is to share knowledge of the Light energies with as many people as possible in order to help make a difference for the planet.

We're offering training for those interested in learning Extreme Lightwork, which will allow participants to greatly impact the planet and grow their frequencies exponentially.  Other services we're now providing include Bad Seed Removal, Comfort Zone Removal, Ego Program Removal, Implant/Matrix-type Gear Removal, Negative Programs Removal, and Past Life Interventions.

Questions/Comments from Readers

Topic - Chakra Expansion/Frequency Acceleration
Good morning, I am Claudia. I don't find words for thank you.
Hi Bryan, I felt a slight warming at the very beginning and my feet were tingling for quite some time. Other than that, I felt quite normal during the session.  I will practice with the Divine Blueprint Template to help maintain my higher frequency and to help with the better good of all. 
Thank you and Katie very much for your help today.   I will keep in touch of any changes or progress. Blessings, Margarita E.
Hi Bryan and Katie,thank you for your services and gifts. Just to let you know, I did get a tingle in my feet and up to my knees.  I was feeling pressure in my head at my crown and near the end slight dizziness.  I also got chilled during the process. Thank you and have a extra sunny day, Gladys T.
Dear Bryan, I appreciate greatly your work. I really felt myself being bumped up so to speak. - Diane L.
Topic - Nether Worlds

Hi Bryan,
I worked another week.  Praise God that there is something we can do for those poor souls.  I like to think that we are tipping the light/dark quota waaay over to the light with all of the souls that are coming back.  Again I say thank you and may God Bless you triple upon triple.  I Love YOU!!!!!  Kathy G.
I've also asked that I be taken to the Nether Worlds during my sleep to help in any way.  I've done that about four times.  Probably a few more than that but I forget to keep track.  I don't remember anything while I sleep but I would like to think I've helped in some way. - M. E.
Topic - Color Ray Energies
Thank you, Bryan. I'm learning so much about the new rays from your site. Thank you for your service to the world -- and beyond. You, and your beautiful wife and children. What a de-light-ful family. - Jean M.
Topic - Ego Program Removal

Hi Bryan, I am ready to take the next step,  I must say, the ego cleansing has been profound. - Rosetta S.
Topic - Comfort Zone Program Removal
Hi Bryan,I woke up today actually in the middle of the night. I'm extremely energy sensitive and I noticed that I felt more clear. I even tested myself out with thoughts that made me extremely uncomfortable, and the danger impulses were gone. So I checked my e-mail and sure enough you had removed the comfort zone program. Also once the comfort zone program is removed is it removed permanently? I can't thank you enough, your such a blessing to planet Earth. - Shonita D.
Topic - Healing

Hi Bryan,just received "Agents of the Federation" with the Circle of Lights Journal.  Thank You! It's inspiring and uplifting material.
Twice this past week I felt powerful healing energy working on my "frozen jaw" (resulting from reconstruction surgery from cancer removal 26 yrs. ago). Both times, I immediately thought "Bryan is sending this". Thank you!!! I so appreciate you and your earthly mission Bryan.  Blessings, Barbara C.
Hi Bryan,thank you so much for your help yesterday. I feel so much clearer and stronger today. Bright Blessings, F. F.

Healing Requests 

Please feel free to send us your healing requests for general healing, and we'll send you Light energy every day for 30 days.  Some requests require extensive support, such as Ego Program Removal, Implant/Matrix-type Gear Removal, Negative Programs Removal, or a Past Life Intervention. You can register your request through our website or by emailing us directly.
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