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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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 Message from Atmos 

Message from Atmos


Atmos  07-June-06

You are being tested at every turn to maintain your principles, and it is important not to concede any ground to the dark and their minions. There is power in numbers and those who support the Light are growing every day. The balance has been with the Light for some time now, and its success is not always outwardly apparent.

The dark destroy, and their activities are largely known and recorded in your history. However, the acts carried out in Light often pass unnoticed, but they are now bringing change to Earth. By nature Man is a caring and loving Being, but when the greed for wealth and power takes over it is pushed into the background. The lure of them has caused a distortion of their understanding for being here.

Yet, for all that happens there is nevertheless a plus side, and all
experiences are for the ultimate good of all. The dark show you what it is like when your Light is dimmed and pushed out of sight. You in turn are challenged to respond, and unless there is resistance the dark will continue to grow and its influence spread around.

Now you are seeing the opposing sides jockey for control, but do not take the situation on face value. The Light is supported by a force far more powerful than the dark, but it cannot step in and use the devious and corrupt methods of the dark. It works largely from a higher level, and uses will and determination applied with love and in accordance with Universal Law.

As your consciousness continues to expand, so you develop a greater
awareness and are able to see beyond the happenings on Earth. The necessity for changes is understood, and you are helped each step of the way. The most wonderful peace can be acquired in the midst of turmoil, and you stand as a sentinel prepared to use your Light to quietly dispose of the dark energies.

The dark are fighting an invisible enemy and try to physically remove those who they believe stand in their way. This is an impossible task as Lightworkers are numbered in millions, and mostly go about their work unannounced. We tell you that there is not far to go now before the final acts are played out. You will be under no illusion as to what is happening, and our brief is to ensure you are adequately informed.

We are that near to achieving success that we can openly talk of our
victory. It is a joint effort and we owe a lot of thanks to the dedication of our Earth allies. Clearly not everyone can directly be involved in our plans. However, everyone who is of the Light is contributing to the final outcome. We congratulate them for being active and their loyalty to the cause, when often they are not in possession of the full picture.

Do you look out on a starry night and see our craft flying through the
heavens. We are there and many of you notice our ships, and perhaps you wonder why you do not see more as we ring the Earth. The reason is that our craft are cloaked in invisibility for most of the time, firstly for protection and secondly because we do not wish to give the impression of threatening you. We also do not wish to distract you from your important work at such a critical time. Yet, many of you are well familiar with us and our craft, and you visit us during your sleep period.

It is unfortunate that few of you are allowed to have a waking memory of your visits to us, but again it would cut across the important work you do for the Light. You are excitable by nature, and we do want you to concentrate on your tasks at such an important time. The scene is already set for the end time and it only remains for the trigger to set the final acts into motion.

It does not take much analysis to realize that what is happening in the Middle East is the key to the future. Continuing to become just as
important is what is happening in your own countries, as the dark try to further hold you down and curtail your ability to oppose them. Oppose them you must, as for too long they got away with their continual erosion of your Constitutional rights. You have said that you have had enough of their oppressive laws, and you must continue to let your views be known.

Be assured that we have support from all walks of life. Even in your
military forces there are dear souls who stand for justice and freedom. Politically speaking the dark has infiltrated all areas, and this is why
the current system will have to be changed. When we declare First Contact, the political systems all around the world will change to a different model, that allows for the "right" people to lead you forward.

Think back through your history, how many times have people of goodwill and pure intent been allowed to guide you from the top. There have been very few, and the dark forces soon interfere and plot their removal. You have hardly had a chance to enjoy real peace and tranquility, certainly not in recent times. That will soon change, and like a breath of fresh air we shall together cleanse the corridors of power of the dark cobwebs of deceit and intrigue that have held you back. 

I am Atmos of The Galactic Federation and have come to know the people of Earth so well. Meeting you will thrill us as much as we hope it will thrill you. You have so to say, been out of bounds to us for a long, long time.
Now that is about to change and we shall delight in becoming your friends. We are really not that different to you, which is why any initial hesitancy on your part will quickly vanish. We bring you love and blessings, and release from the bonds of ages past.

Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.

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