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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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General Info
Step 1: Theme of Your Story
Center your heart. Think of your heart as a giant rose. Breathe deeply into your heart space and slowly release your breath. Repeat this three times. Feel yourself releasing any stress. Imagine that you are floating on a cloud. When you can feel a sense of peace or calmness you have moved into a state of divine love which gives you direct access to your subconscious mind.
Choose numbers to discover your story. Close your eyes center your heart and choose a number:
A) Theme:
To find the theme of your story - close your eyes - center in your heart - and choose a number from 1 to 5.
B) Archetype:
To find the archetype - close your eyes - center in your heart - and choose an archetype from 1 to 5:
C) Organ
To find the organ - close your eyes - center in your heart - and choose an organ from the archetype chosen above. For Archetype 4 select 1-5, for others select 1-2:
D) Chakra:
To find the disruptive energy interference pattern in the chakras - close your eyes - center in your heart - and choose a number from 1 to 7.
Step 2: Discover Your Ancestral Story
Chakra Interpretation
Root Chakra - Victim experiencing the self at the mercy of others or outside forces - creating the loss of innocence and a loss of the ability to take responsibility.
Sacral Chakra - Martyr being filled with suffering for self and others - creating the loss of creation and of the ability to sustain happiness.
Solar Plexus Chakra - Egotist not acknowledging the power of anything other than self - creating the loss of wisdom and flexibility.
Heart Chakra - Wounded Lover not being able to protect oneself from the pain of love - creating the loss of love and of the ability to sustain intimate relationships.
Throat Chakra - Actor not being able to say what one wants - creating the loss of speaking ones truth.
Third Eye Chakra - Analyst over intellectualizing everything - creating the loss of clarity and of the ability to hear ones inner self.
Crown Chakra - Separitist seeing all things as separated from one another - creating the loss of connection to divine source.
Weakest Link
To identify which side of the family holds the weakest link - close your eyes - center in your heart - and choose a number from 1 to 4.
To deternine how many generations back the disturbance entered the genetic line- close your eyes - center in your heart - and choose a number from 1 to 8.
Discover Your Ancestral Story
Intrepreting Your Ancestral Story
The memories of my ancestrial patterns have set up my patterns of response - which have affected my life and held me back from having the life I want:
Step 3: How These Stories Play Out
The purpose of this section is to show how the patterns that are stored in your DNA have repeated themselves in your life.
Step 4: Create a Change of Heart
Before you can heal or change an unwanted pattern - you must change the emotional charge that is feeding the pattern. To accomplish this - you must do three things: release - forgive yourself or anyone else that has held you back and see the situation from a new perspective - which will create a change of heart. No matter how bad or how disruptive the old pattern - it served a purpose for your evolution. Those involved in your old pattern were teachers - contributing to your advancement.
They were in your life to awaken something witin you. Perhaps they modeled what you did not want in your life or what you did not want to become. Perhaps the pain they created in your life helped awaken you to compassion - forgiveness or understanding. In other words - they helped you become who you are today. This next section will help you see how the people associated with the disturbance were a gift to your evolution.
A. Take a minute and think about anyone related to the distuptive patterns you identified in Steps 1A and 1B who has affected your life in a negative manner. To discover the gift that the person(s) related to the disturbance instilled in you - close your eyes - center in your heart and choose a number from 1 to 14.
B. To discover the change of heart that will help you see the old pattern from a new perspective - close your eyes - center in your heart and choose a number from 1 to 18.
Neutralization and Change of Heart
It is now time to release the old patterns stored in your DNA and bring them to a neutral state. All energy must move into a neutral state before it can be manifested into new energy. You will be releasing the patterns you discovered in Step A (the theme of your story) and in Step B (your ancestral story). You will also be neutralizing how these patterns affected your life. You will be focusing on your gift and your change of heart.
Remember that healing works on the principle of vibration. All disease or disturbance starts with the vibration of a belief - and healing comes about by transforming vibratory patterns. Through connecting with the vibration of love in your heart - the energy locked in the old patterns can be restored to its natural and neutral state of love. Relax and allow yourself to be guided through the following five parts of this meditation:
RELAXING. Center your attention of your heart. Think of your heart as a giant rose. Breathe deeply and slowly into your heart and then slowly let the breath go. Do this three more times. With each breath - you are connecting more deeply with the energy of your heart.
Now imagine your thoughts floating up out of the top of your head and continuing to float up to the heavens. See your thoughts resting on a cloud and from there feel yourself connecting with God or the universal source of knowledge. Say silently to yourself: I give great thanks for the neutralization of the patterns I have discovered today.
If you have trouble taking your thoughts high - breathe deeply into your heart once more - knowing that your intention will connect you to the healing process of neutralization.
ACKNOWLEGING THE GIFT AND CHANGE OF HEART. Focus your attention on anyone related to the patterns you have discovered in this process who has affected your life in a negative way. Bring to your mind's eye anyone who has held you back from becoming who you want to be or from doing what you want to do - including yourself.
Now focus on the gift that they helped instill in you (the gift from Change of Heart B above). Say
which instilled in me a new perspective. Without these circumstances - I wouldn't have developed the gifts and strengths I have today.
FORGIVING: Focus again on anyone related to the patterns who held me back or created a disturbance in your world. It is now time to tell them silently - in these or your own words that...
I am now viewing the disturbance from a new perspective.
I wish our relationship could have been different - yet I understand that the source of the disturbance between the two of us came from old patterns handed down through the ancestral lineage.
This new information is helping me see what happened from a new perspective. I understand now that the disturbance between the two of us has given me the strength and talents I would never have had without the pain of the past.
I am now letting go of the old pattern - the pain - the hurt and the grievances so that we can both move on.
Once you have silently communicated these messages - the vibration of the words will move your energy into a state of compassion and love. It is from this state of being that the old patterns will be released. Do not worry about how your are feeling at this point - for the words you have just said silently are starting to do their work at the subconscious genetic level and the healing has begun.
Once you have told the people related to this pattern whatever you needed to say - they may have a message of love to relay to you. Close your eyes for a minute and listen. You may hear them speaking to you in your heart.
MOVING INTO SACRED HEART. Your sacred heart space is where all old memories and patterns of disturbance are neutralized. Center your attention on your heart. Slowly and deeply breathe into your heart and slowly breathe out.
See your heart as a giant rosebud. With each breath you take - another petal unfolds and you move deeper into the center of the rose.
With your next breath you have entered the center of the rose - the sacred heart. Here all energy is neutralized and returned to the vibration of love. The sacred heart nows only love, it does not judge the world - you or others as right or wrong. Feel the magic and magnificence of this space.
Now take all the people you are forgiving - including yourself - and place them in the center of the sacred heart. Take all the patterns you have discovered today and place them in the center of the sacred heart also.
As you breathe deeply into this space three more times - the old pain and the old patterns are being neutralized.
It is done. You have neutralized the old energy.
ERASING THE OLD STORY. Now that you have entered deeply into the sacred heart - the energy of its love is spreading through your body and deep into the nucleus of your cells - right into the heart of your DNA. Tak a minute and feel the energy of love spreading out from your heart to the center of your cells.
With each breath you take - this radiating energy of love is erasing the old story that was stored in your DNA memory and restoring your DNA to its original state of perfection. All the memories from past generations - back to the source of your disturbance are released from the DNA memory.
With your next breath - it is done, your story has been neutralized. You are now ready to create your new story. Give great thanks for this neutralization.
Step 5: Create Your New Story
Now that your old DNA pattering is gone - you are ready to create your heart's desires by reshaping the energy that you have neutralized.
SET YOUR INTENTION. The first step in creating your new story is to move into intention. Intention is the energy of certainty - your knowing that your manifestation will take place. Intention is the blueprint for manifesting change. It is the focused beam of energy that calls forth the people- places and synchronicities needed to bring your manifestations to life. When you state with certainty what you desire to manifest - you move into intention.
First as yourself: What is it that I want in my life now?
FEEL YOUR INTENTION. Feeling the new story you want to create is essential to manifestation. To help you step into the feeling of your intention - complete the steps below:
Detail and Imagine Your Manifestation
Now imagine what your world will feel like and look like when your manifestation has taken place.
FEEL INTENSELY. An important step in manifesting is to lock into the feeling behind your manifestation. It is the feeling of what you want that will bring the manifestation to you. The following questions will help you get in touch with and generate that feeling.
If you are manifesting FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE:
If you are manifesting RELATIONSHIPS:
If you are manifesting HEALTH:
You will now create your new story through the ancient process of manifestation. Relax and allow yourslef to be guided through these six parts.
STARTING THE MANIFESTATION. Center in your heart space and breathe deeply into your heart four times. Take your thoughts high to the heavens and connect with God or the universal source of knowledge.
Creating the geometric field for transformation.
Geometrim shapes alter and help focus the subconscious field of DNA. They create a vortex of directed energy. The shape of a pyramid amplifies the energy so that it can transcend to its next level of evolution - grounding the energy into that dimension
Visualize a golden pyramid. Now feel this golden pyramid coming down over your entire body until you see yourself standing in the center of the pyramid. You have now entered the temple of transcendence.
Releasing the interference patter of DNA.
Now that you have entered your temple of trancendence - look to the bottom of the pyramid on your left side. Imagine a ball of energy sitting in this corner. This energy contains the belief systems - the patters and the disturbances of your past. This energy holds a negative vibration.
Now look to the bottom of the byramid on your right side. Imagine a ball of energy sitting in this corner. This enerby contains the energy of your future - the energy of your new manifestation. This energy holds a positive vibration.
Now feel the negative vibration coming into the center of the pyramid - into the center of your being. Now feel the positive energy coming into the center of the pyramid - into the center of your being. The two vibrations cannot merge - so you may feel a little chaos at first as the two vibrations create an interference pattern at the cellular level.
Feeling the manifestation.
To transcend the chaos - look to the top of the pyramid - where the feeling of what you want to namifest resides. Feel what you want in your life - now that the old patterns have been released. Go beyond words and feel what your life will be like with your new manifestation. Feel the you - feel the freedom and feel the peace that your manifestation will give you.
Pull this feeling down into the center of the circle into the center of your being. As you continue to pull this feeling down into the center - the old interference is being tranformed. Feel a deep sense of peace withing your being as this happens. Know that your intention alone will create this change.
Give great thanks for this transformation of energy. It is done and your manifestation is created.
Sending the new energy out into the world.
Once your energy has been transformed - you sent it out into the world to attract to you every person - place or thing you need for your manifestation. See this energy radiate out through the pyramid like a lighthouse.The photon light of your DNA has changed the program within you and its signal. This new light energy is a magnet drawing to you exactly what you need. Feel everything you need as part of your manifestation coming back to you.
Give great thanks for your manifestation. Say silently to yourself - "It is done - it is done - it is done."
Maintaining laser-beam focus.
Don't waver in your focus until you get results. Continue to feel your manifestation. See your manifestation as part of your world now. Speak as if your manifestation is here now -already created - already done.
As you are falling asleep at night - state your manifestation aloud and see and feel it as real - knowing it is already here. When you first wake in the morning - state your manifestation aloud and see and feel your manifestation as real - knowing it is already here.
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