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Good News! DREAM Act amnesty defeated in cloture vote! Thank you.

Thanks to your phone calls, e-mails and faxes, along with thousands of fellow CAPS Action Alert Team members and other American citizens, your efforts have defeated an attempt to pass another amnesty bill, for the moment. The DREAM Act amnesty bill was defeated when the Senate voted only 52-44 in favor of cloture to allow the bill to move to the floor, eight votes short of the 60 required.

The amnesty proponents thought this might be their best shot to win with a piecemeal approach so this victory is much more significant than it might appear. Bill supporters continually repeated emotional stories of the "children" who should not be punished. Yet a deluge of public opposition led to the DREAM Act amnesty failing for the fifth time. 

AgJobs amnesty next? 

This failed effort may throw a monkey wrench into efforts to loosen our borders through an incremental, stealthy approach. Or it may not. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid indicated just this week that he intends to attach the massive AgJobs amnesty provisions to the farm bill. We will have to see if this defeat took the wind out of his sails. The dynamics of the AgJobs bill are different, so some Senators on each side will likely switch sides.

We will keep you posted on that and other attempts at amnesty.
 Please now consider helping CAPS in another significant wayCan you send a $25 tax deductible donation right now to help CAPS continue its critical work on immigration?  It's as easy as clicking on DONATE NOW. You may use your credit card at our secure site or print and mail the form to CAPS with your check.   

Please help us to continue to draw the line on amnesty with your CAPS donation now. And thank you for being a member of the CAPS Action Alert Team! 

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