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 Borderless World 

 Nation States as Prison Camps
 I imagine you take for granted that little book you are
 required to carry with you when you travel. After all, you
 NEED a passport for such purposes, don't you?
 Well, it wasn't always so. In fact, the international
 identity document we call a "passport" is a relatively new
 invention, only brought into wide use after 1914.
 As the name suggests - a passport is supposed to give you
 the right to "pass" - to move, to travel from country to
 country (from port to port).
 In the 19th century, it was relatively easy to leave one
 country and arrive in another - without the need for such
 a document - but it appears that World War I put an end
 to that.
 And maybe it's not just a coincidence, for that war was
 the beginning of the 20th century's clash of the "states".
 And even more - the rise of previously unheard of
 totalitarian state power.
 The fundamental premise underlying the passport is the
 idea of citizenship - the concept that you belong to a
 particular nation state, in the same way you belong to a
 particular family. Nice and cosy like.
 You are born into a family - and you really have no
 choice in the matter.
 If you were born into a rich, happy family, offering the
 opportunity to get a good education and a great start in
 life - well, you are just plain lucky.
 On the other hand, if you were born into a family of
 drifters - living in the nearest rubbish dump - well tough!
 Who said life was fair?
 The idea of citizenship is similarly explained. You are
 born into a particular country - and you become a "member".
 End of story. In other words, your nation is your "extended"
 family - like it or not.
 Trouble is, in this world of vastly different types of
 nation states, being born in the "wrong" country could
 easily cost you your life - either in an agonisingly drawn
 out process, or quite abruptly.
 But is it a valid comparison - to say that you are born into
 a country, in the same way you are born into a family?
 No, it is not. There is a fundamental difference - which is
 clearly illustrated by the idea of citizenship and the little
 document which enforces it - the passport.
 Sure, you can't choose the family you were born into, but
 if that relationship is not to your liking - you can always
 move away, or at least keep the family at arm's length. You
 CAN leave a hostile, unloving, or even cruel family. You
 have that choice - at least when you are old enough to make
 such a choice.
 Not so with your citizenship. Being born into a particular
 nation state is a much more cloying relationship - which,
 depending upon where you were born, may suit you fine - or
 may cause you to want to leave.
 Any "free" nation will let you leave of course. The trouble
 starts with the fact that you have nowhere else to go! In
 other words, any right to leave is useless for all practical
 purposes - because no other nation state will make it easy
 for you to "arrive" - short holidays not withstanding. Of
 course, you could always live your life on a boat!
 So, let's step back from the status quo, and ask the basic
 question: "Why on earth should nations have the right to
 restrict the movement of individuals?"
 Why indeed!
 The only reason I can think of is because that's the way
 it has been. That's what we're used to. And that's the way
 your average nation state likes it.
 The hard truth is that a passport is just a mechanism of
 control. Like any identity document, it has its "stated"
 intention, and its REAL intention.
 Since the wide implementation of passports internationally,
 after 1914, nation states have been on an ever accelerating
 power binge - in an attempt to nail down their citizens and
 to be able to know every little detail about them.
 Yes, as it turns out, you ARE a number!
 If you are not convinced of the difference between family
 and nation - and your "ties" to each - then consider this:
 How would you like a "family" passport - one which restricted
 your movement between family homes? Ridiculous, you say.
 Okay, what about a city passport - where you need permission
 to move between cities in the same country?
 Want to move from New York to Los Angeles? Or from Liverpool
 to London? Sorry - you need documents. A short stay is fine
 - but don't even think about moving permanently!
 Or how about a state/region passport - one which restricts
 your movement between states or regions within your own
 How would you like to be prevented from moving from Colorado
 to California (USA), or from New South Wales to Queensland
 Such restrictions would be totally unacceptable to you -
 I'm sure. But ask yourself - what is the difference, IN
 PRINCIPLE, between such apparently absurd ideas as city or
 state/region passports - when compared to passports for
 The fact is, nation states are just arbitrary geographical
 entities, which over time have established (or fought wars
 over) borders, in order to separate people - for the purpose
 of putting "dog tags" on everyone inside - and to exclude
 everyone outside.
 These entities are reinforced by the ideology of nationalism
 - which is inculcated from an early age - in the nations'
 mind control centres (schools).
 But there are signs the system is cracking. The world is
 increasingly linked by more and more open communications
 (the internet for example), more travel, and more
 international trade. People are forming bonds OTHER than
 those imposed by nationhood. And individuals in undesirable
 nation states are starting to ask the question, "why am I
 here?" and "how can I get out?"
 Now, if you're some comfortable, well-paid, mollycoddled
 citizen of a relatively free and rich country - such a line
 of questioning has a distinctly unpleasant ring to it. Geez,
 what do these people want after all?
 People everywhere want what "people everywhere" have always
 wanted - the freedom and opportunity to live a life of their
 own choosing. And they are increasingly on the move in
 search of it.
 This is causing a predictable response in the mature welfare
 states - where the locals grow up with an "entitlement"
 mentality (the right to other people's money) - with more
 and more draconian border protection and enforcement. After
 all, who wants a boat load of freeloaders arriving on one's
 doorstep - and signing up for the dole?
 It's a huge problem. But when you dig deeper - and take a
 closer look at what this really means, then it's clear that
 the very concept of the nation state is under threat. And in
 particular - the welfare state.
 There is an inevitability in the concept of "open borders"
 - when there is a move to more and more international trade,
 and international co-operation. For if individual goods and
 services can freely roam the globe - why not individual
 Battle lines are drawing on this issue - and already one can
 see the clear demarcation between opposing sides.
 There are those who are wedded to the idea of the sovereign
 nation state - who want strict border controls to keep other
 people out - and strict protectionist trade policies to keep
 other people's goods and services out. They want their taxes
 to be used on their own kind - and not squandered on uninvited
 guests. They want to shore up their welfare state and protect
 their perceived "national" interests.
 Then there are those who are more committed to the idea of
 the sovereign INDIVIDUAL - who see nation states as artificial
 barriers, separating people who are quite capable of managing
 their own affairs and dealing with one and another in a truly
 free market place. Such people want to see an end to the
 welfare state - and its corrupting influence on the morals
 and well-being of those who are subject to it.
 The battle lines are hardening - and the rearguard action of
 those hell-bent on stopping the demise of the nation state is
 bound to get ugly. It already is.
 However the forces of freedom are unleashed. People are no
 longer prepared to accept the idea that if they were born
 into a Gulag-style country, or economic cesspit - then they
 must be compelled stay there.
 This force of "people on the move" will become one of the
 most pressing issues of our age. It will test the nation state
 as never before - and it has the potential to undermine the
 very thinking that supports it.
 Whichever side of the fence you are on, regards this issue,
 one thing is for certain - the situation is real, and it is
 gaining momentum.
 Next time you look at your passport - realise what it REALLY
 is - a membership card to a "life" camp. Maybe yours is a
 holiday camp, or a prison camp, or maybe just a boot camp.
 But, whatever type of camp you belong to - your membership
 card is hard to get rid of - and even harder to replace with
 a more favourable one of your own choosing!
 Yours in freedom
 David MacGregor
 P.S. That's why having a second passport is such a good
 idea. While we can't live without them, the rule is that
 two passports are better than one - which at least gives you
 more choice as to where you live. If this subject interests
 you, then you should certainly be part of SovereignLife!
 SovereignLife Enterprises
 126 Aldersgate St
 London, EC1 A4JQ
 United Kingdom

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