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Natural Solutions Foundation

August 25, 2006
We are working for nothing because we are fighting for everything.

__ Yes  __ No    I believe that natural health options should be readily available for me to choose if I want to use them.  
__ Yes  __ No    I believe that restricting vitamins and minerals to levels that have no impact on a human being will needlessly increase human suffering.
__ Yes  __ No    I believe that the FDA's job is to protect me, not Big Pharma and to protect me from Big Pharma.
__ Yes  __ No    I believe that natural health options are safer than drugs in many situations. 
__ Yes  __ No    I believe that Codex Alimentarius represents a significant threat to my health and health freedom.
__ Yes  __ No    I believe that disseminating information at the grass roots level around the globe is important in protecting health and health freedom globally.
__ Yes  __ No    I believe that my health freedom is worth fighting.
__ Yes  __ No    I believe that high potency nutritional supplments can help end hunger and increase world health.

You are a health freedom advocate and we need your help.  You know that the Natural Solutions Foundation is the one of the most effective US and domestic health freedom advocacy organizations in the world.  You also know that we have no industry ties of any kind and that our support comes from our constituency.  You also know that General Stubblebine and I devote ourselves (more than) full time to this battle for all of us.





Right now, today, the outstanding costs that the Natural Solutions Foundation needs to pay for past work on your behalf is about $68,000.  There is no way we can meet that expense alone.  So we are asking for your help in a time of crisis.


You may not know that our Natural Solutions Foundation lawyers, graphic artist, Director of Development, General Stubblebine and I get no salary, no honoraria -- nothing -- and derive no income whatsoever from what we are doing for health freedom. 


We are working for nothing because we are fighting for everything.


Fighting for health freedom does not come free:

  • Our recent printing bill for the materials which we supply to heads of state and others (the hard copy of the Codex eBook you can purchase online) were $14,000.
  • Airfare for the trip we just completed to multiple Africa countries, Geneva and various India states exceeded $20,000
  • Hotel expenses for almost 2 months on the road topped $10,000
  • Other expenses (food, fuel, phone, etc.) added thousands of dollars to the cost of our trip to keep health freedom free here and abroad.

Our efforts are bearing fruit inside Codex, here at home and in the Third World! Thanks to the Natural Solutions Foundation's work, people we have touched are demanding their basic human right to be well and stay that way through natural health. 



I don't want you to shut down your life to defend your health freedom.  We're doing that part of the heavy lifting for you (a whole lot more than full time!)  But I am asking you to help by making a monthly pledge of $10, $20, $50 dollars: whatever you can afford using your credit card ( on our secure site.

That way, we'll  have income that we can count on to make it possible for us to print the DVDs and the materials for decision makers, pay for travel to attend Codex meetings, meet leaders in their own countries to enlist them in the health freedom battle (and our own leaders here in the US, too), cover the costs of getting to lecture sites (we pay those: the audience gets our information for free) and all the other expenses involved with fighting for your freedom and ours.  

If you can give more, great!  By all means, please donate (  Please take a moment to make your tax deductible pledge now to help keep health freedom free. 

Thank you in advance for your help.  We welcome and need it to keep on doing the good work for which the Natural Solutions Foundation is known. 


Yours in health and freedom,

Rima E. Laibow, MD


Medical Director

Natural Solutions Foundation 

July 23, 2006

Natural Solutions Foundation
India Knows Our International Codex Strategy Is Right on Target!
We have been pursuing a Codex strategy which we call "the Codex 2 Step" and we have been getting a lot of flack from some quarters for it. Well, about 15 months ago, Dr. Rob Verkerk, a UK health freedom advocate, advised us to "ignore the rotten tomatoes, keep your head down and just keep on doing your good work". That's what we do, as I am sure you have noticed. And, interestingly, groups and individuals are beginning to notice that the Natural Solutions Foundation is pursuing the only effective strategy against Codex, the single greatest threat to global health and health freedom.
As you know, since Codex is a global threat in a world of globalized food supply, our approach has been to build a grass roots/grass tops awareness and movement for health and health freedom in the US (including initiating a legal action against the US Government for their illegal Codex policies), doing "zillions" of radio shows (many of which you can find archived on our site), lecturing widely, writing articles (also generally available on our site) while working with other carefully selected, responsible and effective health freedom advocates and groups. We have worked closely with concerned and brilliant lawyers and other organizations to craft an effective response to Codex which can protect every Codex member country from any danger it feels is a threat to its people. At the same time, our International Strategey will protect countries from the fangs of Codex, World Trade Organization trade sanctions. Pretty good deal, we think!
Codex 2 Step Endorsed by Indian Experts!
And so do more and more countries who are listening very seriously to us in this regard. Click here ( ) to read our latest blog reports which include not only a report on our doings here in India, but unexpected and very important confirmations from Indian experts of the correctness of our International Strategy, the "Codex 2 Step", available in the Codex eBook ( which applies the Codex Two Step protective system to the Vitamin and Mineral Guideline.
While you're at it, why not find out about the history and roots of Codex: they are pretty shocking and you really need to know about them to understand Codex. After you view "Nutricide: the DVD " (, make sure you show it to your community so they can learn about Codex, too.
Natural Solutions Foundation Is Growing!

The Codex problem is global, just as our food supply is being globalized. The response has to be global, too, to be effective so we are building an international coalition of regional Natural Solutions Foundation units. Dr. Osmond Onyeka, a homeopath and naturopath licensed in both his home country of Nigeria and in Washington, DC, is now the Director of Natural Solutions Foundation -- Africa while the world-renowned advocate of drug free medicine, Professor Doctor B.M. Hegde of Mangalore, India, has consented to serve as Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation -- India. He has appointed Prof. Dr. S. Viswanathan as State Director for Pondicherry (see for more information) and other appointments for Madras and Delhi are pending.
Please Help!
This is a plane, unvarnished request for funds. We need your tax deductible donations ( ). The Natural Solutions Foundation has only one source of support: you. Out international outreach is building international awareness and pressure in Codex and outside of it. For the first time, health is becoming part of the Codex debate, first with South Africa's pro-health initiative -- still very much alive, thank you!, next with Nigeria's strong statement that health needed to be the main focus of Codex, not trade during the last Codex Alimentarius Commission meeting, on-goingly with India's strong opposition of Codex dangers. What has been missing in Codex is a vigorous "ballet of dissent" to stop pro-illness measures dead in the water in Codex. The voices are gathering, the mind-set of nations is literally changing because of what we are doing: truth rings like a bell in the hearts and minds of those who hear it.
But this is an expensive campaign (and it will be a long one, I promise you) for your health and your health freedom. The campaign cannot be confined to the shores of the US: it is a global battle which needs a global strategy: we have that and are making friends for it at Codex and on these trips.
How Much Is Your Health Freedom Worth To You?
Please ask yourself how much your health freedom is worth to you and then make your tax deductible contribution ( of that much (even better, make a repeating contribution billed to your credit card) to keep this battle moving forward. It's your fight but health freedom isn't free! Make your move now to keep health freedom on the move!
By the way, if you've donated recently, thanks!
Tomorrow's event will be an all time first! I will send out an email tomorrow evening after it takes place! Please remember to read that email and blog. I promise you that it will delight and encourage you!
Yours in health and freedom,
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director

Help Us Stop Codex!

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