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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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 Equinox Update 

Center of the SUN ~  EQUINOX UPDATE...
Surviving the Spiritual Gauntlet . . .

Having entered the first couple days of March, it has become quite apparent that we have hit some really powerful energy.  I have been watching Equinoxes over the past 12 years, and they just seem to be getting more and more powerful.  I have been having powerful visions/dreams... and nightmares (unusual for me) where I see dark beings rising up from the underworld, and I fight to stop them.  The last couple of nights I could not tell if I was still here, or if I had crossed over to the next world.  I can feel my nervous system getting re-wired or short circuited . . . it is hard to tell which in this moment.  Some of the pieces that I have collected over the last 20 years are just now coming together.  All this makes me feel like everything is about to change.   I wonder sometimes how we can endure the rise in intensity.  But somehow we do. 

The entire month of MARCH, that surrounds the Equinox, will be an intense emotional roller coaster month.  We will feel far more sensitive to the world.  Things might seem so dark that we wonder if we can survive this time.  Many people have been having unfounded fears of dying or that the world is ending.  Will this shift be comfortable?  NO!  But will we emerge Masters of it?  Absolutely YES!  We are going to get REALLY CLEAR about what is not working any more to the point that we will be forced to make many shifts in our lives to continue on.  The world is going to change.  Our lives are going to change.  We cannot tolerate the injustices and misuses of energy and power in this world anymore.

 This month is beginning to really look like what I would call a Global Dark Night of the Soul.  This sounds really scary, but it is not.  Dark Night of the Soul, by nature, is deliberately transformative.  It feels like death on all levels.  While we may feel battered and worn in the transformation, realize that our Spirits are being tempered in the process.  It is MOST IMPORTANT to surrender and trust the process.  These unrelenting and intense times help us build spiritual strength by showing us our weak spots.  It shows us where we are becoming Masters in our lives.  This a necessary step for our ability to evolve into the 5th world.  What a great opportunity for all of US!

 It will be imperative at this time of powerful energy, coupled by the Equinox, to be helpful and cooperative with each other.  Be good to each other.  Love each other.  Help each other.  This is the beginning of the new world and the birth of a new community.  We are the baby chicks struggling to get out of the egg, the caterpillar fighting its way out of the cocoon.  The birthing process is hard but well worth the effort.  We are not going to give up.  We are about to bust free of the limitations that we have tolerated for way too long.  The time is so close now . . . the times are so powerful . . . We are letting go of this world . . . .

 This Equinox is going to be emotionally challenging for most all of us, but it will also prepare us for the entire year of HUGE transformation and spiritual awakening.  This awakening cannot be stopped.  I bet you have tried top stop it, so you could be comfortable, at one time or another.  It is not going to work this time.  This is a time of break downs, losses and dissolving old paradigms on all levels.  This is a time of GREAT OPPORTUNITY.  We can't build a new temple without tearing down the old one.  It is time to get BRAVE . . . get out the spiritual work clothes and go to work.

 The two eclipses in the month of March will light up any shadows in your back closet that you have yet to clean out.  Eclipses shine light into our own darkness.  On March 14th there is a Full Moon lunar eclipse triggering even more emotional tidal waves.

 In these most powerful times, it is very helpful to give yourself time in a sacred place in nature.  Sacred places, like mountain tops and temple sites, hold and support higher frequencies, so the transformation comes MUCH EASIER and with MORE CLARITY.  If you can get away sometime in the month of March, especially around Equinox, it will ease the transition considerably.  Also, high altitudes (over 7000 feet), forks in rivers, water falls, the oceans (silicon beach sand can elevate the issues), or deep deserts can clear our heads and lighten the heart.

 This is a time where our Spirits are being tested to reach and maintain a higher level of impeccability and personal mastery.  Becoming Masters is NOT about avoiding our feelings and emotions, but being master over how we react to them no matter what the outer circumstances.  Not feeling our emotions is flat lining.  We are here to LIVE.  So feel the issues, do not take them personally, and rise above them and help those around you.

 I send you Love and Blessings and will again while in the Maya Lands for Equinox.
~Aluna Joy

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